Soul Paths, Soul Mates and New Soul Directions

The more we are aligned to our Soul the more our life is aligned to a "Soul Centered" Flow of life.
This means we attract more situations and relationships into our life that are enhancing to our Soul.  These types of relationships are based on the alchemy of energetic exchange and bring us the learnings, situations that allow for more healing, self understanding; as well as love, light, wisdom and Soul Expression.
The more aligned you are to your Soul the more synchronistic connecting and experiences  will have.  You literally are more aligned to Source Energies and the Streams of Consciousness within the Resonant Field of the All That Is...
You are just more in tune and attuned to all of life.

Have you ever been in a relationship where so much comes up for you that you really look deep and hard at yourself and ultimately there is so much healing, learning and deep understanding that you feel free?
Or, have you ever been in a relationship that you feel so inspired and like you want to be a better version of you and do more with your life proactively?

These are "Soulmated" relationships and the when you really do the deep inner work you attract the ones that are more in resonance and coherence with your Soul Signature and Soul Design.  These relationships will challenge you and free you up to be more you...
Soulmated relationships aren't always destine to be "forever"; however they will forever impact you and you will forever remember them as an integral part of your path.

Be open this month to confronting the deeper issues within yourself and your relationships.  There will be a revisiting from your past... Past relationships, past decisions and scenarios all in the effort to get you to evaluate more about what is right for you.  

This re-evaluating doesn't necessarily mean that you made "wrong" choices or are on the "wrong path".  The re-evaluating is to update your dreams, desires, needs, wants visions, life goals and relationship focus...
You may find you have changed...That you have grown... Or, that an old set up standards or beliefs no longer apply and therefore you need and want to draw something different in for yourself and Soul Path.

Be brave in your explorations this month... Have a giggle and laugh at the paradox of your life and in life in general.  Find ways to lighten up and not be so serious... Take some breaks... Watch a sunrise or sunset... Call a friend and just giggle... Take a bit of a departure from what you normally do... Leave space for the new....

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living will be no more in this form...😊
I have a new focus that has been unfolding...I have been in a deep level of growth, awareness and a new way of connecting and sharing. I so appreciate all of you that saw me through my growth and sharing her on this blog. I know during the last few years I posted less and less vigoriously... It is because i was in the middle of my own growth and change for my own Soul Path, Soul Expression and to be of even better service to you. 
Please join me at:  Soul Playground.Life   or  Soul This is my new blog site. The soft launch of it corresponds with my speaking engagement at the #140conf in Westwood on Mon. Nov. 14th 
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I would love to connect with you further at Soul Playground for more Soul Centered inspired living, Soul Insights and Soul Coaching.  This site is more than a site. It is a foundational platform for the New Paradigm. It will be a portal into the New Emerging Consciousness and a place to connect more completely and receive the insights, tools, empowerment and connecting to really supercharge your Soul and guide you to your Soul Purpose and the fulfillment of your Soul Path.

The  focus of the site will be interactive after the "soft launch"  :-)
I am so open to feedback and suggestions. So, please don't hesitate to email me. For now you can email me at:

Lots of Love, Light and Gratitude


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