Why Tap Into Your Own Inner GPS?

It's time to start trusting 'you' more...
As a Spiritual Life Coach, Psychic Channel, Transpersonal Psychologist and Hypnotherapist I assist a lot of people. Many times what I intuit for people as well as what I see as a therapist they have an inkling of, or a real gut knowing.
At this point in my healing path of service I have assisted 1000 of people and hundreds of couples; as well as organizations and businesses.
The one key factor I have found is that many people don't trust their body, their intuitive awareness, gut knowing and body wisdom... Even as a Psychic Channel I have been there...I have not trusted...
The people that trust their Inner Knowing the most; or their "Gut Knowing" are usually more successful in career, love and life; as well as at peace... 
This part of us is an integral part of us; and yet we are taught to "not trust it".
Our Inner Knowing has not been reinforced growing up for most of us; and definitely we are not trained in school or in most family situations to honor this part of us.
The transformative energies on the planet now and assisting in this and requiring this for each of us.

Your Inner Guidance system is what is innately within you to help you, teach you and guide you to what is most optimum for you.
We are all on some level hard-wired for what is most life enhancing, just like all of nature; unless there is something pathologically amiss. 
You have an amazing Inner Guidance System within you that is infallible. This Inner Guidance System is very similar to ‘GPS’…It works on signals that you are sending out, receiving and being bounced back to you. 
Your Inner GPS works globally and universally. It is beyond time and space; and yet has the capability to send you to the “right place” within time and space.
By your unique Soul Design and Soul Path you have certain coordinates within your own Inner Map.
These coordinates radiate out into the world casting an energetic net. If you are in alignment with your Soul and Soul’s Purpose this net brings back what is most life enhancing, Soul Fulfilling and abundant for you.
You can align more to your Inner GPS through contemplation, meditation and activities that relax your body, relax your conscious mind and bring you more into expanded focused awareness.
Make it a priority to tap into this magnificent part of you, reinforce it and use it...
Tapping into your own Inner GPS will empower you, uplift you, inspire you and confirm your very way of being in this world.

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