What are You Looking For?

The Universe is sending messages and your Higher Self is giving you signals.  You are most likely looking at your life differently; or beginning to do so; as well as starting to have a more acute awareness of where and how you focus your energy.  The where and how you focus your energy can come in many forms, i.e: time, personal energy, focus, investment, relationships, personal goals, work, creativity, self expression, your physical body, emotional body, mental body, your mind, your spirit and of course your soul...

The 'Soul Call' is getting louder and clearer for even more people now.  
The universal energies have been intense, deep, dark and pushing people to their limits...
Many people have become more aware of their wounding, what has been holding them back.  This intensity has brought more of a desire to heal, grow, change and live a more inspired fulfilling life.  The narrative that is running through this energetic pattern is to question: "Who are you really?"  "What is really important to you?  "What do you really value?"  "What do you really want to do?"  

The what and why of everyone's life is being highlighted. This is due to the redirection of Universal Energy and 'Earth Game' focus... We are getting deeper and more laser focused in the 'Soul Alignment' and 'Converging Flow' aspect of Awakening.  This means more disruption and deterioration of what is not in alignment with underlying 'Universal Trend' of unification, communication, clarification, community, collaboration, cooperation and coherence. What is not of  the most possible resonance to the New Emerging Consciousness of the New Paradigm.  The key is resonance. The Soul operates by resonance and not by what we 'think', but by what we feel and intuit. 

All of these energetic shifts are clearing the old matrix. There is a new blueprint that is coming into view and we are all co-creating what will be manifested and lived from this blueprint.  There are new templates for our life, relationships; as well as our individual and collective values that are forming; or you could say being downloaded.

We are preparing for a major, and I mean major cycle and turning point that begins the end of this year (More on this coming up. I will give you the 411 😍)
You will be way ahead of the curve and in the flow of the new energetic pattern adn focus by asking yourself the above questions and 'being open' to receive the answers... Your answers will come from beyond your ego and surface mind from the far reaching deep seated place of your Soul... Get ready to fly... How you fly will be up to you and whether you enjoy the way you are flying.

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