June Soul Insights- What's Weird In Your Life?

June brings what is weird into your life and seems to be revealed or destined by fate.  When we say something is destined in the stars this has a far more profound meaning that what is sometimes understood.              Whether you read what is destined via astrology, psychially, energetically or by tuning into channel the information there is a prevailing pattern and trend of life events that reflect back to the Soul. 
 There is a destiny and within our destiny we do have "Free Will".... Everything comes from the Soul and everything is of Spirit.

The word 'weird' comes from the  Germanic/Anglo Saxon/Nordic word 'wyrd'.  It means what is fated, destined and what is from the web of cause and effect in the universe.
What is weird is what is synchronistic and beyond explanation.  Expect synchronistic connections, returns from the past, dejavus, relationship connecting that bring past life connections and reminiscent feelings.

This June brings situations and people rebounding from your past and synchronistic connecting on your path.  Expect 'weird' occurrences and seemingly chance meetings.
You may find dramas-traumas from your past coming up and feel that this energy is 'weird' and just too much for you. 

Intensity in relationships is the name of the game this month.  You need to find a way to release pent up energy and denser heavier emotions (energy in motion) like anger, irritation, sadness and fear.  It is best not to gloss over upsets, confusion or areas of intensification whether with yourself or someone else.  It's best to take some time to get to as much of a ' neutral point' as you can and then focus on the issue or conflict at hand.

What ever feels weird, strange, strained, misunderstood or intense for you is showing you an area of your life where there is a deeper level of awareness and truth that you need to connect to in your life for your own Soul connection and growth.
What ever is blocking you or limiting you in your next level of healing, emotional support, spiritual awareness and Soul alignment will come up to the surface for you to really face this month.

There may be blow ups, shut downs and ambivalent feelings emotionally that cause you to question all that you previously knew.  This is not meant to throw you off, but to have you look deeper within to your intention, motivation in your relationships and life focus.  

If you have been the 'over giver' in relationship your inner psyche will have you do a mutiny that you drastically pull back from the people you have been over giving to and begin to open to a more even exchange.  Perhaps you have been the one taking and now are being put in situations where you have to learn to give freely without manipulation.  Maybe the very relationship that has benefitted you now you see slipping out of your life because you didn't show via your actions that you valued the relationship and appreciate the person.

This month you will be thrown upon yourself and tested by yourself - Your Higher Self...
Your Higher Self in alignment and service to your Soul is creating situations that your small ego mind cannot comprehend. This is the only way you will stretch to grow into incorporating the expanded view, deeper understanding of a higher conscious perspective.  

This month focus on what brings you true emotional fulfillment and ways to heal the parts of you that you feel are fractured and overly vulnerable.  Learn to be open, vulnerable and strong.
This month you will have a chance to move out of being either the victim or the tough "No one gets anything over me" overly defense mode.  

Patterns of victim, martyr, abuser, abused will be highlighted.  The healing and AHa will come when you realize that everyone, including you has been victimized... Yes, something has happened to you. Someone did something horrible to you; however this is not you and need not define you...

 Every loss brings a gain and every time you were victimized you healed, grew and gained a strength and deeper perspective. You saw more. Felt more. Understood more. Realized more.... You realized you are a radiant light being with a Soul. A Spirit that will live on forever, that something hurt and someone hurt you; however that there is a resilient you that is beyond the hurting experience...
What has hurt you has made you stronger and in your strength and healing you can now realize you have so much to share.
So from the an experience of being victimized you realize you are not a victim for long... Just for the time period that 'something' was 'done' to you; and that's okay. It passes and what remains is your abdominal Spirit. 

This month realize how amazing and wonderful you are and that you have so much to share... So much love, insight, life wisdom and gifts from your Soul. 

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