May Soul Insights - Let Your Inner Trickster Out...

After a time of intense inner change, testing and some disappointments it's time to lighten up a bit.
Many of you have been in a time of really focused shifting, growth and a focus of becoming more spiritually aware and Soul connected.

There has been a lot of challenges and intense energy patterns that have been pushing us all to respond more from the Soul level, integrating more spiritual awareness; as well as emotional well being and conscious choices.  It hasn't always come easy and there has been a lot of resistance from the lovely ego.... But, like the spiritual warriors, lightbeings and starseeds that you all are you have  kept on keeping on and have continued to choose growth, healing and being of service to your Soul Path as well as helping your fellow Soul Path travelers.

This has not gone unseen.  Your Higher Self/Soul Self is singing a "Yippee"... You are getting it... So many of us are getting 'it'.  We can't and won't have a New Paradigm of the New Emerging Consciousness without each of us keeping to our own Soul Path, healing, and integrating in a life enhancing way our emotional body.

This month brings an inflow of new energies to add to the mix of the current energetic pattern.  There will still be some chaotic energies, ups-downs, and uncertainties. However, a big difference is that many of you will be choosing better and more life enhancing ways of channeling these energies in forms of healing, creative expression and Soul self expression.

Be open to new energies coming into your life via influences, inspiration, other people and new interests.  Let your self sparkle a bit more.  For some of you one of the influences and new directions coming in will be of the 'romantic' nature.  This month is a time to branch out, reach out and make new connections. For some one of these new connections will be a new love interest that will turn into a very important relationship; and potential life/soul mate partnership.

This month is not a time to stay inside and keep to yourself; or keep doing the 'same ole same ole'.  The energies this month collectively and individually will bring a lightness, ease and need for fun. If you have been so seriously into your own inner growth, relationship learning lessons, spiritual learning lessons, career focus and just plain old work you will feel an inexplicable need to want to 'break loose'.... This is your inner Trickster...The Magician within that wants to create some extra magic and sparkle in your life.

This 'Trickster" part of you likes to take the impossible and make it possible. This part of you will disrupt you when you think you have a crucial deadline and are only focused on work.  The Trickster is the part of you that will upset your plans by seemingly outside circumstances.  This Trickster will have you going to help a friend in need and end up being introduced to someone who becomes the love or your life.

When the Trickster is active in your life you learn by "what something isn't" and you learn that so much of the time we don't know what we need and we only sometimes know what we want.
Let this part of you and the Universal archetypal flow in your life more to disrupt the parts of you that have become fearful or stagnate.  There is nothing to fear and all to gain in new openings, influences and magical helpers in your life.

Take time this month to see the magic and mystery that underlies all of life and your personal life.  Let yourself enjoy the magic of relating, being excited about a new friend and romantic past- times.  You might even find yourself longing for far away travel or to go sailing on a boat and just look up at the sky.  Whatever you do this month don't resist these new energetic impulses they are coming from the deepest part of you; from the Universal Expression of 'The All That Is"... It is a call for more Soul connection and more Spirit of Play

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