April Soul Insights- Expect the Unexpected

This April whatever you are waiting for may just come in a different way than you expected. Whatever you are wanting to manifest or experience this month will come in a different package and have a different outcome. You might not 'get' what you are waiting for, but this month you will get what you need...

"Change is a constant" and this month will reflect this adage. Learning how to consistenly to your own center point will be key this month and a much needed  thriving tool.

This month a major learning lesson is about outcomes and not being attached.
It is as if that guiding force of us - Higher Self/Soul,  God, All That Is, Universe; whatever you call this part of you and the collective energy of it, is saying to the ego: "You've got to release control and stop being overly attached to the way 'you think' things should turn out.

So many times we have a distinct picture of what we want to happen. We are so attached to this that when another picture comes into view we want to erase it. We also see it as a 'mistake'; or that we aren't getting what 'we' want.  This 'we' and 'you' is usually the part of us that has more fear and wounding and is trying to gain control over our circumstances and micromanage our life from our ego point of view.

It's not that our ego is 'bad'. It's definitely not. It is the part of us that function is to keep us safe and keep the status quo.  The issue is it doesn't know what it doesn't know. This part of us also, has a good base of fear and many times reacts from this emotion or posture instead of respond or act from Inner Knowing.

The ego only knows the past. As soon as we respond from past experiences we are not responding from the soul. We are reacting from the ego point of view.  As soon as we are dreading the future we are reacting from the ego.
Our best choices come from our expanded point of view or the most expanded consciousness that we can respond.

This month brings a very chaotic, yet creative energy. The energy pattern will be one of intensified unpredictability.  You may think a a person is going to respond a certain way and be very surprised, shocked, or even hurt that they react differently.
You may also expect a situation to unfold in a certain way, and maybe it is unfolding as planned and then in nearing the completion or conclusion a radically different than what you thought outcome is attained.

All this is really teaching us in a more overt way to connect to our Soul and trust that a better way is being devised by our Soul Self/Higher Self.
This 'better way" is in more resonance with the over all collective healing, transformation and expansion of consciousness.  We may not be able to personally see this in the moment or when we are feeling the 'rug pulled out' from us. This month we would do well to suspend judgment of 'how' something is going to turn out and why.

We are all being challenged to a deeper level of transformation.  The shocks that will occur by us not having our plan unfold as we expected will cause small, and for some large shifts in our thinking, perception and emotional foundation. These shifts have the potential for us to see there has to be a better way; or that we are to learn a better way of relating with others, dealing with situations and in being more fulfilled in our life.
This month a focus on our emotional growth will be key and how it either blocks our spiritual connection or enhances it.  There can't be true spiritual growth without emotional healing and being more in resonance.

The upsets that will be experienced can seem to be a stern teacher.  We might want to run away, cut off; as well as think that "nothing is going our way", or that we are being unfairly treated.
The shift in perception that is universally trying to make it through to us is that to forgive and release the grip of blame brings a expansive freedom to our mind that is not only felt in our body, but that opens us up to more of our Life Force Energy...  We are more connected to Source Energies and are able to receive more in all ways by not holding onto grievances, differences of opinion, wrong doings and disappointments in life.

When we hold onto our hurts we hold our energy back. We can either use or energy to create or to lament...
Sometimes what happens to us is better than what we wanted to have happen; and sometimes what happens is the only way we could have grown.

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