March Soul Insights-What Do You Want to Say?

We not only speak with our words, but our actions; and in fact 'how' we live our life...

You can't live authentically and truly creatively unless you speak your truth. Living our truth starts with speaking our truth...
True 'Self Expression' comes from knowing our own truth.  To do this we need to open up our inner channels of communication and really contemplate and self observe.

This months highlights all forms of communication..
This can be overcoming miscommunication and misunderstanding.
There will be a need to really be listened to, heard, acknowledged and understood.
We not only need to be listened to; we need to listen to others as well as ourselves.

How many times do we hear a little voice inside that is guiding us and we don't listen?  How many times do we feel certain feeling and still plow ahead on a course of direction that really isn't suited to us?  Communication takes many forms and listening is one of them.  Learning to feel what you feel and interpret the meaning; or message you are receiving is another form of communication.

Are you living your truth?  Are you living the best version of you? Are there any misunderstandings in your life; or miscommunications to overcome?  Are you taking the time to really listen to you to find out your true needs and wants now?
These are some questions to ask yourself this month.

This month also brings more awareness of the fact that we are creator beings.  We like to create and self express. Not only do we all like to do this; we are here to do this, and need to do this for      our life to be fulfilling.

Take time this month to stretch out more socially and get a different view of your life.  Allow new influences in and let yourself be influenced and inspired. You may not integrate, use or agree with the influences that come this month; however they will energetically open you to creative solutions in your life; as well as new directions and inspiration.

Problem solving will also be highlighted this March. There will be a need for resolution. Even if full resolution isn't experienced this month the insights and new information you receive this month will make it easier for resolution.

Communication is a bridge in relationship.  To have understanding and truly bond there needs to be clear and open communication.  Expressing our truth reveals our true nature and opens us up to more creativity.  To be truly creative, to be an artist we need to express our truth. Living our life authentically in our own integrity is to be an artist.

Our life is a form of art. We are creating everyday by our thoughts, feelings and actions. There is a guiding force within, and inner directive that guides us if we learn to listen and understand our inner language and the messages it relays.
When we are connected to our inner truth and really listening to our inner guidance we then have the willpower to heal, grow and live a life that is truly fulfilling and rewarding.


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