January Soul Insights - Releasing and Moving Forward

January, as you may have already noticed brings a focus on releasing and parting ways with people, situations and expectations that are no longer life enhancing.

What is no longer serving you will begin to be not just a "pebble in your shoe", but a boulder that wants to be cleared in your eye.

When we hold onto what is not truly supporting us, enhancing our life and us; or in resonance with us we create a stagnation of our energy.  Holding on holds us back....

It's not that we need to always have forward movement, but we do need to have a fluidity of movement in our life.  In essence moving forward is being in the present.

We can't move forward and be fully in the present if we are held back by the circumstances of our past.
Our past doesn't hold us back. We do.....
In truth our past, present and future our simply forms of the same experience.  What we experience and our take away from our experiences are what either holds us back or brings us into the gifts of the present.

This month you might be seeing and feeling where you need to move on....Or, I should say move forward into the present.

You will be seeing the out picturing of past patterns.  The call here is to see where you are repeating patterns that are not in the most resonance and coherence with your life and goals.  In your life look to see what is "over".  This doesn't necessarily mean it will not be in your life, however the way it is in your life will be up for change.  If something or someone is bounced out of your life just know that a more resonant and coherent version will be placed in your life.

Also, look for areas in your life that need support.  Support is a great thing.  It not just props you up; but it can be the routine that helps you build.  Support can also be people and community.... Remember community is comprised of people.

Look for ways to branch out in your life.  Stretch your boundaries and dare to dream a bit more.  However, don't just dream, but begin to take quantified action on your dreams. It is a time of contemplation, but also initiation.

Whatever has been ruminating in your mind is worth taking action on, even if you don't "stay with it".  You won't know where your ventures lead you.... Next steps are created by first steps.

Take time to meditate, pray, contemplate, journal and connect within. 
The insight you receive now will show you what is opening for you and what you need to release to move forward. What you release now; as well as this year will allow you the transformation to spread your wings and fly.

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Hey everyone :-)

I have been in a major move and transition, plus an expansion of Awakenings so, the 2015 post will be published and provided to you in February.

A big part of my learning on my path right now is being able to do just what "I can do with what I have".... So, I am releasing some "perfectionism"!!!! YAHOOOO!!! :) LOL... Not always easy to do.....

I wanted to  address the energy and focus of January that people have been asking on my radio podcast; as well as emailing me.

Tell next time  :-)

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This posting resonated with me!!! Good luck with the move.