February Forecast- How to Recognize True Opportunity

Doors are opening and windows of vision are as well.... Time to dream big and connect with a more inclusive vision.  Don't think in "either- or" terms.  
Think in terms of "and - both"  You can have more and live a bigger better version.  Whatever this is for you.
February brings a focus of on opportunities… This month also brings more of a yearning to connect with one’s Higher Self /Soul Self.  The actual essence of your being.
Take a look at what is brewing in your life and what is being placed in your pathway.
After the releasing, letting go and making peace with the losses of January it is now a time to fill up.  Where January brought more of an inward focus February brings a focus on activation.
You will need to find ways to fit in your contemplation time.  For many there will be so many options, openings and opportunities it might seem hard to decide the “right” direction.
This is where following what is of the most resonance, coherence and what is most life enhancing for you is key.   Don’t push. If  “it” doesn’t fit give it some time. If you don’t understand, let the ideas or the communication marinate.
True opportunities don’t need to be pushed for.  There might need to be consistent effort and follow through; however if you are finding yourself pushing then use the vehicle of time for additional clarity.
Clarity of intent will also be a focus this February.  For many this clarity of intent and how to put more intention of what you intend will be a focus for most of this year.  Look to see what you are drawing in at this time in your life. If it doesn’t match or fit your vision, then reassess your intention and how you are using your attention.  Are you putting your attention on your intention?  
Ask yourself if your activities, beliefs, friends, routines are supporting your overall focus and vision?  If they are not; then why not and how can you make them?  It’s not enough to have a great intention and vision if you don’t do the action steps to prep, create the openings and follow through with activities and routines that support your desires.
Family and friends will also be important during this month.  Share with those you feel a close connection to and be open to magical helpers and collaborative efforts.  Effort will pay off; however make sure you are struggling and forcing issues.
 This month you will have a really good chance to find your own personal flow.  Don’t be surprised if you are handling much more than you “thought” you could.  Intuition and listening to your body will be key.  Your inner wisdom and instinctual awareness through your body will be a good guide for you.
Take time to be in gratitude for all that is opening for you and take the time to share this with those you admire and love.

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