December Forecast - Stumbling blocks can be stepping stones…

This month there are many openings, opportunities and situations in mid swing.
Think of yourself as a trapeze artist in mid swing… You are at the point of leaving the platform to fly and you have not yet landed.
This position in midair requires a lot of trust and at the least faith.  Being stuck in midair; or in the middle of a situation doesn't mean there isn't an optimal or postive outcome. It requires faith, trust and belief in a pervading 'higher power'...  This month there is a call to recognize that which is unseen and that there is a power deeper and more intrinsic than what we can know cognitively.  There is a Divine Power... This power is based on what is most optimal and innately focuses on healing to bring more balance, peace, calm and fulfillment.
You might find yourself dealing with “old recurring patterns”; or situations you thought you moved on from and left behind.
The focus this month is on “new beginnings and following the openings; however they appear”.
Try not to over focus on the blocks… Many times what blocks us on our Soul Path ultimately is either a learning lesson or the an opening we couldn’t yet see.
As humans we tend to be very literal.  We tend to also focus on externals.  What I can share with you is that externals are not the totality of what is unfolding in our life. Many times what we do not see, but do feel is the truth of a situation or the beginning of what is coming to be in our life.
The New Emerging Consciousness of the New Paradigm requires that we see with our mind’s eye and intuitive self; which means we need to see beyond our “physical eyes”.
The “New Emerging Consciousness” is just that… It is a consciousness that is newly emerging.
This means that it is new to us- the ego; or personality “us”.  So, this new way of being and acting is something we all are learning and integrating in our life.
Since we are all learning “this something new” we need to give it time and also be aware of the fact that there is some anxiety and fear associated with this new way of being and expressing.
For the ego part of us; which is the part that likes to keep the status quo, this way of being and acting is very unfamiliar.  When we use tools like meditation and various forms of inner work to get past the ego part of us we do feel a great sense of familiarity in this way of being and acting.  This new way of being and expressing is of the Soul. 
When we are Soul Led and Soul Fueled we do get into uncharted territory.  To live the way of the Soul we need to trust the Soul Self/Higher Self.  This is the part of us that leads via intuition and feeling beyond feelings.
This December will bring a lot of converging situations and some will be coming to a head.  For some this will mean situations that seem confusing or uncertain and for others it will be situations that they feel they don’t have the control.
The reason this is happening is for all of us to depend more on the Spiritual Aspect of our being and to focus on Soul Qualities.   It is time to move past over egoist and material concerns.
The material part of the earth experience is important; however when it over shadows the spiritual – intuitive-feeling part of us this creates and imbalance that over time becomes toxic. 
This month it is time to focus more on feeling… This is the feeling beyond feelings. Feeling what is right for you and what is optimal for you.   Feeling what is in your heart. It is not about feeling good or bad; but learning to feel from an intuitive self.  Feelings are amazing, as well as emotions.  All feelings and emotions are ok.  They only become toxic when they are chronic – stuck states.  It isn’t so much what you feel, but how you process, or allow it to move.
The feeling that is beyond feelings is the realm of the intuitive or psychic.  Psychic means coming from the psyche or soul.  There are a type of feelings that are based on intuition and not emotion.  This is the pathway of expression and interpretation that we are all being led to on a Soul level.
For many so much will open this month.  All is a preparation for the next level of the New Paradigm.  Your thinking and analyzing will not help you’re here or help you navigate this terrain. What will help you is to focus on enduring values, love, connecting, sharing and what you feel in your heart.

This month don’t push, don’t pull, don’t try and force.  See and feel what is unfolding for you and seek ways to assist in the direction that is unfolding.  The opening and opportunities that are now coming into the forefront will be more important for you than you might perceive at first.
This month begin to see how your stumbling blocks will now lead you as steps and stepping stones to your next level.

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