October Soul Insights Forecast- Hope Springs Eternal

Hope can be like a sprout from a plant or a sprout of a new leaf on a flower. It is like new growth that needs to be nurtured along to fully sprout and blossom.

When we are hopeful, we not only believe, but know things can get better. Partly because they have in the past.  

Hope is a door opener... Hope sees openings in cracks, fissures, breakdowns and see growth in decay.   

Hope does "spring eternal", and not in a "Polly Anna" way.
Hope is an life enhancing frequency and brings about resonance, healing and optimal health.

For some reason many on the " New Thought", Metaphysical and Spirituality Path have "poo pooed' 'hope'.  Many say: it is like "trying" and to not try, but "just do it".... Well, I don't know about you, but "trying" I know is a prelude to doing or knowing.  Trying implies persistent effort; and it is in our "trying" that we have the breakthroughs. It is also in our hoping and the state of 'hope' that we not only shift our circumstances, but bring about the answer and/or better circumstances in our life.

October bring a focus on hope, openings and more directions being revealed.
If you have felt a bit like you are in a fog on top of a mountain or in the mists of Avalon October will bring further clarity and understanding.

The key is to keep an open mind, go with your heart, trust you gut and listen to what feels most optimum to your body.  Your body is an amazing receiver, tuning fork, and transmitter.

Expect to drawn in people from your past in uncanny and synchronistic ways.  It is ok to have realistic expectations.   These are different than attachements.  Expectations set an intention in the Universe and your relationships... They show you the dynamics, the needs/wants and the potential of what is unfolding... Release the need to over control or be overly attached.

Bond with love and leave some space for the unfolding to occur.
There is a greater focus on relationships and overcoming misunderstanding.  If for some of you there are more misunderstandings than understandings remember:  

                                         Misunderstanding is a prelude to understanding ~
                                                               Carol K Anthony 
                                                          A Guide to the IChing

Being more authentically focused, trusting yourself and being yourself are really key this month.
Taking the time to really see and know what sustains you, nourishes you and fulfills you in your life; as well as relationship will be a major focus.

This month take time to look around.  Reflect, review and renew what brings you hope.  Gratitude is a state of mind and action that harnesses the energy of 'hope' 
Wherever you are hopeful there will be openings, beneficial connections, dreams fulfilled and miracles.


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