May Soul Insights - Dreams Unfolding

 May is a time of dreams rearranged, timing unfolding and dreams fulfilled, or at least dreams put into motion and manifestation.
You might not know the total unfolding; however you will have more of than an inkling which direction to go, and either who is on the train with you or who will be getting off at the next stop

Take positive action this month, and if you have fear about reaching out or moving forward get the support you need to: "feel the fear and do it anyway".

There are such Universal Supportive Energies this month, and into the next 3 months that some people will feel that a magic spell is on them, magic is afoot and in the air. In many ways there is magic in the air-- Universal Air....

Many of my clients, friends, colleagues, as well as people that call into my radio show Awakenings have been commenting on the chang in the air so to speak. I am hearing all the time how people are experiencing more syncronicity in their life, more grace and ease and feeling more love and loving toward people and life in general.....  Most people ask me is this possible and really happening. To which I respond: "Yes, not only is it possible. It is really happening to them and in life in general."

There are 2 crticial passages and turning points in the "Harmonic Convergence",  one in the late 1960"s and the other in the late 1980"s.  These energetic and intention turning points put us as a cosmos and humanity toward the motion of unification, unity consciousness and the integration of our "oneness".  The Harmonic Convergence put us on the track for life as interdependent beings operating within Soul Groups- Soul Tribes and within communities living by resonance and coherence.

This has set up the "Converging Flow" inwhich the the subsets of awakenings is taking place within the "Great Awakening".  The Awakening that is taking place is actually an unfolding of a succession; as well as expanding of awakenings in all sectors and  areas of life.

This May this will be more evident for more people.  For those that are already sufficiently awake, living more aware and consicous this will be very apparent and active in their life.  Active is a key word here... You will see this in more of a manifestd form.   Remember manifestation happens in steps. Just like a flower starts as a seed and goes from sprout to blossoming and blooming so will your dreams, desires, projects, relationships and growth.

Begin this month to also ask for "Conscious Playmates", and if you are wanting a "significant other" relationship dont just ask for a "Soul Mate" ask for a "Soul Mate LIfe Partner".  We have many Soulmates and not all are meant to be life or "next part of your life" parnters.  :-)  Take time out this month to play... Don't be overly concerned with work or getting ahead.  Just know that your HIgher Self knows what you need and is orchestrating this with the Divine Universal Flow.  All you need to do is keep aligned, attuned, in resonance and coherencee show up and respond.

Be patient this month and take time to notice the steps of not only your dreams unfolding, but your own personal unfolding.  The more you can feel the love and see the energy of Spirit and the beauty of the Soul Design unfolding the more you will align to, attune to and be able to harnass this Divine Cosmic Universal Energy.

This month if you open up, even just a little past your fears and comfort zone you will feel and see the magic of the Spiritual Essence in action and form. You will see and feel the magic that you are as you recognize your own interconnectedness to The All That Is and everyone and everything that comprises this wonderful Universal.  We all have the great chance to feel a lot safer in the Universe and to throw back to Frankie Goes to Hollywood - know "The world is our oyster"....

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