Meditation is a Connection to the Living Question

Your life is a living question.  It is also the answer...

It is said in sacred text that you will find the answers within.  This true; however you need to pose the question.  This initiates the true seeker on their path and opens the door to the mystery of possibilities. It is true that the best mystery lies within and that in knowing the True Nature of the Self that all is revealed via this Inner Knowing... To know means to first question.  We cannot learn or know with out the question.

In questioning we move into a phase of seeking.  Meditation becomes a tool for answering not only the questions of the ego and surface mind, but as well as the deeper yearning we all have within us.
We seek what we feel is outside of us that we think will complete us.
What seems to be outside of us seems to hold the answers.   Through contemplation meditation we come to realize we hold the answers.

As we move into finding we feel we have found the answers.
The "right" people; like minded individuals are an answer.
We begin to see below the surface of life and find deeper meaning.
We find what connects us more to a deeper part of ourselves and gives new meaning to our life.

At some undefinable point we begin to really understand ourself and love ourself on a much deeper level. In loving and accepting ourself as well as our life it becomes easier to do this with other people.
We begin to say: "I just want to be me."
We then with much more inner knowing say: "I just want to be."
It is in this being that we move into a living mediation...  We begin to see that all our Spiritual Practice has brought us to a deeper place of Inner Knowing.

Take time through meditation to ask and notice your "Living Question".  How you live your life, what is in your life and what is of most value to you will reveal the question and answer of you life.   You will come to not only see, but appreciate your life as the "Living Question and Answer" of the All That Is...   You as the Divine Emmanation and Spark of the Universal Flow of the All That Is; or some might say God.  It is only from this reverence that you can find the deeper meaning in your life and life from this place of abundance.


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