Death as a Soul Call to New Life

We are constantly in a state death.                                
We are dying to what was and being reborn to what is anew

This Birth - Death- Rebirth cycle is really one continuum.
I say rebirth because we are continually born from what was before and what we already are in nature.
The form changes; however the substance - Consciousness is the same. Consciousness just "Is".... What happens as we change and grow is we are able to handle, download, upload more Consciousness.

We avail ourselves to what is us of
a higher, more integrated nature.  We open to more of what is us.... This "us" substance beyond perceived form.

This is the way of our world and in fact the whole universe as an integrating, intersecting system.  The substance of the system is love in varying levels, expressions and ways.
Our Body-Mind System naturally wants to renew.
This is it's way of creating homeostasis, or balance.      
This balance is coherence, resonance and harmonization. This is also called love...

Since nothing; or "no thing" remains static we are always in a state of change...
Since love always wants what is best for us, it seeks to embrace, accept and at the same time change for what is better, more fulfilling and life enhancing.  Love seeks to better while remaining the same...

The "death" we seek to avoid is ever constant on a body level.
 The cells of the body die and renew.    The seasons of time are within the birth-death-rebirth cycle. In many ways it all  starts with death... Death is the void... The empty and not just the emptying. It is the pause point from what was in form and changing form.
Death is change. It is the transition from what was to what is about to be and inherent in this is a loss of what "was"
The loss that we experience on a human level through our psyche is the loss of control.
This loss is the state of "in between" It is a purgatory of the mind.

There is a saying:  "Better the devil that you know than the one you don't."  This saying, to me reflects the grasping and clutching control of the lower mind. This mind or aspect of human being would rather stay with "something" that it knows even if it is not life enhancing; and in fact it may even be detrimental, harmful or abusive in nature... However, it is known... It is known by the lower aspect of the mind-body system. The lower nature abhors the unknown.

The function of the lower nature is to keep functioning the status quo and to stabilize. This is very good indeed, except when the "Call of the Soul" is heard and felt; when that Divine Discontent, the Great Disruptor beckons... When the heart calls and the Inner Prompting and Inner Nudge of the Higher Self/Soul Self is felt we must step into the unknown, or the deep depths of Persephone.  We must scale a wall; or let down a wall. We must simply just be and move into what is and what calls us forth.

This is Soul Change...It is a call that is so deep.  Sometimes this change comes in moving out, away and individuating and at other times it is the request to move closer, connect, come within, merge.   This Soul Call can come through all forms of expression and experience.  This is what you are "here" to do.  Death is a type of Soul Call to new life unfolding.

The area and arena of your Soul Expression and Soul Experience will vary according to your Soul Design and Soul Path.  Timing is key here, as well as to the "time frame" and how your experience unfolds and is emphasized.   You will know the immediate path of your Soul Call by what is right in front of you.  Spirit puts all the pieces of the puzzle in front of you bit by bit for you to put together and over "time" more is given to you and added.  This "time" that is spoken of is "Synchronistic Time". It is the timing of when you, the other people in this particular experience and the collective environment are ready and available.

You see intrinsically death is about birth, or what is new.  In the tarot image the skull, the skeleton represent the structure of what is; it is also representing what was and is also called "the remains" . The  red of the cape represent the blood of life, giving as well as taking. When you think of life in conjunction with the menstrual flow this is even more evident.  The menstrual flow represents life giving, the ability to give life and sustenance. It is also the flow of what is not longer needed within the body and is a peeling away and releasing of an important part of the building block of creating life.  The white flower represents the new life and possibilities available and unfolding... The flower is the opening. If we remain open, new life appears, buds, blooms and blossoms...

Find ways to tap into your personal Birth -Death-Rebirth cycle.
Notice what is falling away; or where the space is in your life now. This space is the void... Death is a void and dying creates the void. It is in the space of falling, or breathing that the new enters.

Take time to focus on the space in between your "in breath" and "out breath"...
This will give you a clue and great insight into the void of what is leaving and what is becoming.
This will allow you the space to catch your breath and see what is opening for you.
Don't close the space or jam it full of things to do...
Just let it be and watch what begins to come in, to take shape and form.
You will see... and even more importantly you will feel it emerge and come into being via the space.

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