Soular Forecast For January - Let Your Light Lead the Way

This month starts the pace of energy for the whole year.  For some it will be fast paced and others a bit slower.  However the one major aspect for all this year is an unpredictable pattern and rhythm of the energy flow.

 A couple of other key aspects of the energy pattern for January and the whole year in general will be one of patience and gratitude.  Patience will give you a depth of understanding and gratitude will assist you in coping; as well as acclimating to the "start-stop" aspect of the new energy pattern.  What will help you navigate this month; as well as the year is your own Inner Light.  Getting to know your own inner guidance system and in gratitude letting this part of you lead the way.

This energy pattern has been slowly emerging; however we hit a critical mass turning point in  October 2011 and November 11-2011 ( 10-11-11/11-11-11) During this time period there was a heightening of the frequency of energy - both individual and collective.   The pattern was really anchored in from December 12, 2012 onward (12-12-12).  There has been quite a bit written about the numerical symbolism of these dates; as well as what this means energetically. There are a few post on my blog explaining this further.

Due to the new energy pattern and the consciousness that this stems from more will be required of us.  This more is to live more authentically aligned to our True Nature, to live more in harmony with ourselves and others, to be more self expressed, creative and more loving with ourselves and each other.  In other words we will be stretched to the next phase/limit in the areas of our beliefs, actions, thoughts, tolerance, acceptance, respect for others and to a large degree with how we relate with others; as well as with ourself.

This January will bring an exact awareness of what is blocking or holding you back.  This is a bit of a testing month. If you have been diligent and self aware you will be able to understand and harmoniously flow with the changes that are  being initiated for the the year.  If you have not been contemplating your growth lessons and what new areas of direction are opening up for you this month will bring a pointed awareness of this through testing.  This testing is all about temperance.  Tempering the imbalances and excesses in your life.

This month's message is: Cut the excesses, move past your losses, begin to integrate and assimilate the new.  Patterns of limiting beliefs, doubt, fear and any type of behavior that does not bring a sense of temperance to your life will be brought to the forefront of your consciousness to be healed and eliminated.  It is said that 80% of growth is awareness.  You can not positively heal and change what you are not aware of in your psyche and life.  January brings a fuller awareness and understanding on this maxim.

Take time this month to do an honest inventory of what needs healing, change and growth in your life. Look at the behaviors, beliefs and mind set that is no longer life enhancing and keeps you stuck in the past.  This month brings an awareness of a great need to move forward.  Your next level of unfolding is calling you.

Some key areas of contemplation and questions for this month are:

1- What patterns of behavior and beliefs are holding me back and bringing more pain into my life.

2- How can I joyously facilitate my new growth?

3- Look at all you have to be grateful for in your life.

4- Become more aware of how much support you have in your life from friends, family, your routine, inner knowing, etc.

5- Acknowledge and move into gratitude for the support in your life.

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