Magical Helpers

Living  in resonance with the most harmony; as well as coherence brings you into living via synchronicity.  When we live this way, we attract "magical helpers".   This is a term I use to give example to how seemingly impossible situations can turn around and even be of the greatest benefit.  It is as if the Universe is putting in our path; or us in a person's path exactly what is needed.  It is here we connect with, bump into, come into contact
with just the "right" person or people to assist us, help us, lift us up, guide us, inspire us, hear us, collaborate with us - to do what ever is genuinely needed in the situation.

These "magical helpers" are the ones that seem to magically show up in situations where you need help or a need is to be filled.  When you are accepting of "what is" you are in resonance to what is actually happening.  These magicians of the light are sent to help light our way.  They bring us their light; or actually are a conduit for Source Energies Light.   The may not even know on an human level how much they are helping us in a particular situation.  They are just showing up doing what they do.

We only attract these magical helpers when we are aligned and in tune with our personal flow.  This however does not mean that all might be too our "liking"; or that we are having an easy time of it in our life.  Sometimes situations are exacted on a Soul level to further our learning, growth experiencc and to facilitate more trust or faith in our life.

Magical helpers are drawn to us when we ask either in conscious awareness or subconsciously for assistance and/or a need to be filled.  Sometimes the Universe is sending us magical helpers, they are there right in front of us; however we may think we need help from a certain someone or a certain type of someone.  It is as if the magical helper is tapping on our shoulder saying: "Here I am. I am here to help you."  And, we mistakenly are looking right past them to someone else that can't really be there for us now.  Look to your life to see who is tapping on your shoulder.... You might be surprised how much help that is there for you and been there for you.

Years ago I did a major move and I didn't know very many people in the area.  I had a string of as some would say: "bad luck" or trying - challenging situations.  For some reason I didn't feel daunted. I was being pushed to my "faith limit"; however as I recall I was doing a lot of chanting at the time and over all spiritual practices and pasttimes.   Well, the stretching point was my car broke down and needed major repairs. I had to find a new place to have it fixed; as well as get a ride home from the mechanics.   I got my car to the repair shop and when we finished with the paperwork the mechanic asked where can we drop you? I said oh, you'll give me a ride home?  He said yes, and pick you back up if you like...  I was prepared to get a cab.... Prepared is an optive word here.  Be prepared, however in that preparation you are saying "yes" to the Universe and Life and this is where the magic lies like the coiled serpent of wisdom waiting to spring forth.

The next day in my meditation I looked back on the trying few weeks I had and I saw so clearly how I had been lead, guided and that there were so many magical helpers for me.  I was in this new place, but not alone.

The Universe acts upon your response and by what you ask.
You have to ask...

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Monica Mody said...

Beautiful. Thank you, Michele!