What is the Secret? Living Authentically You....

Let go of “perfectionism” in choice of really living.  Waiting for the "perfect" anything literally stops your life flow energy, or Prana.  What you receive in life is part of an energetic undertaking that is unfolding in ways that are meant to enhance your life. If what is unfolding in your life is not to your "ego-personality" liking, then take time to step back and take in the bigger picture... You can be off course; however more often it is something is unfolding that "you" didn't plan; or that you can't control... This is Soul Growth.   If "it's" here in your life it is needed and necessary. It is of resonance.....Until it's not....  
The "secret" is to find what is.  Everything is needed and necessary until it isn't.... When it isn't then something or someone new comes into your life.  This way of living and understanding requires living deep and soulfully - meaning connected to your Soul.  The risk or "secret" is to live more authentically you.... This requires a stepping back and short removable of yourself for the "pack".  Until you "get" this Secret you live in delusion and in the hopes and schemes of others. You allow others to dictate to you never knowing the truth of you.
You cannot really live if you are micromanaging your every move and decision.  In truth you have a wonderful mechanism within you that leads you always in the “right”; or most life enhancing and fulfilling direction; as well as choice.  This is your heart and intuition. Your heart is actually a form of intuition communication.
When making decisions and going in a certain direction if you feel an opening in your heart-lung area then it is a life enhancing decision.

This is a very interesting and for some scary modus operandi. It is want a person "so wants to do"; "let me live with abandon and follow my heart".  Yet, in our culture we not only do not celebrate this we do not normally give perimeters on "how to" do this.  The joi de vive so many seek is left for romance novels, tabloids and unfilled dreams....

And, yet this is HOW your Soul works..... Yes, it is.... This way of being is innate to your Soul.   Your Soul creates via a building block of activities, situations, people and relationships.  You don't always see the whole creation, but receive each block that is needed to build upon the previous one... This requires faith and a trust in your Inner Knowing.  Not for the faint of heart. It is a wonderful magical mystery tour with you both at the helm and as a passenger; but it's worth it... and you can get the hang of it as it is innately you.

The decisions that are the most life enhancing, healthiest, loving, abundant, prosperous and fulfilling come from a resonance to your heart. This can be felt in your body and in an intuitive knowing.  A major problem has been that most, if not all of this has been socialized and through enculturation removed or minimized from most people's psyches. 

A huge part of the Awakening is a reclaiming of your own innate inner guidance and wisdom.  In many ways is awakening more to the truth of who you are and being than about learning something new.

I know for me and my Soul Path I am opening to more new directions and living beyond where I was; as well as being even more receptive to my Higher Self.  Many friends and clients of mine have commented on how I have listened to my intuition, Higher Self and  took great risk.  A part of me always reflects on the Higher Self Directives and promptings  I didn't take.... No judgement here; however I think it is important that we don't compare and realize that each of us no matter how "evolved" are working through their own growth, Soul Expression and unfoldment.

For those of you that are forerunners and leaders in your family, relationships, community and Soul Pack just know that you venturing forth does have a profound, good and life enhancing effect on those around you.  I do know that you experience opposition and sometimes ridicule. Just know that the more ridicule and "calling out" you experience the more you are on your true path.  You must always do your own inner workr/Sou growthwork and not "fool" yourself.  However the fact that people judge you is a sure sign you are connecting with something deeper, more profound and spiritual in nature.   What cannot be explained unsettle most people in the mainstream.

Remember that your Higher Self/Soul Self will never have you do anything that is contra-survival or non life-enhancing.  Believe it or not the Higher Self choosing what is of most common sense, not always in a literal sense, but in a sense than can be eventually quantified.

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