Gratitude Ritual to Set Your Intentions for the New Year

We are being so supported right now by our Higher Self, Guides, Ancestors on the "other side";  especially our  parents and grandparents.

We are in a very powerful time of new beginnings…
We are winding out of what was and into what is and unfolding.

We are in the void of the old leaving and the new being drawn in; birthed in…

Take time during the next few days to see and understand what is missing in your life and what you need/want to draw in for this next year cycle on your path.

I suggest from the first of January to the third (you can do later if need be; however I would start before the 2nd week of the month) to take stock of what has transpired in your life over the year.  Look at what you drew in and experienced as well as what was emphasized for you.
Then look at "what is missing" What do you need and want more of in your life for more balance and fulfillment.
For some it will be in the area of structure, for some career, others relationship/s, for some perhaps a new project, maybe health….

A ritual that helps you to release and consciously create space for the new; that which is emerging through you and as your life:

0- Get a votive candle- A white  candle is universal for a combination and all situations to focus on and  draw into your life.
Anoint it with either lavender, sage, bergamot, rosemary, mint, lemon or orange oil.  You can also do a combination of any of these. Make sure the essential oils you use are lighter in nature. For this reason citrus based can be very good. You want to use oils that are uplifting to you.

1-Do a gratitude list of what you are grateful for from last year.  List learning lessons and wisdom that you have gained; as well as new insights and life skills you now have.
Meditate on this list and really focus on the feeling that what is on the list has served you and is part of your support inner and/or outer.
2- Create a list/vision of what you now want to draw in.  Let this writing be very free form.
3-Light your candle and burn your gratitude list using the affirmation below.  Tune into the feeling of appreciation and that you are complete with what you have experienced this past year and that you see/feel the benefit.  If you have trouble seeing the benefit of what you have experienced do some journal  on it; or connect with a friend to help you through this.
4- Place your list/write up of what you want to draw in next to your votive candle.
5- After burning your gratitude/completion write up let your candle stay lit until it goes out naturally.

I appreciate and understand the learning of what I experienced. In gratitude I release what was to now allow what is coming in for me. Realizing all was for my highest good and most Soul Expressed Fulfillment I now release in love what was for what is now unfolding for me. 

You can focus on this affirmation for the next 21 days. If you feel you want to extend the candle ritual you can.  The main focus is to really feel the gratitude and work to understand why you experienced what you experienced in 2013. This way you can complete consciously and with awareness.  Realize you are allowing the void to draw in.
The smoke from the candle in burning your paper is a carrier wave to Spirit for your wants/needs/wishes.Your gratitude fuels this carrier wave.  In truth gratitude signals that you are not only ready to "move forward", but that you see the deeper meaning in what you have experience and understand the gifts and blessings.  In seeing, as well as understanding the blessings in our life we are freed from the past.  We automatically move into the present to enact our future through feeling blessed.  A person cannot feel blessed in the present while holding onto their past. Recognizing the blessing and the gifts from our experiences moves us into the present.  It is upon the releasing of the old and the energy that this frees up that the new is drawn into you and your life.  The smoke symbolizes this energy.

A very important aspect of "new beginnings" is an appreciation of what went on before. What you experienced before to a larger or lesser degree supported your path. Endings are just as important as beginnings and every true ending has a new beginning inherent within it.  Endings and beginnings are inextricably connected. In essence they are the same. 
Always in the seed of the old is the new.

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