Consciousness Expressing As Soul Expression

The New Emerging Consciousness and the energies of this up-leveled consciousness are about aligning to your true resonance, and living through synchronicity. 
Connecting with your Soul Wave and Soul Mates is key now.   Keep in mind not all Soulmates are "life mates" or romantic-marriage partners. If you are wanting to draw in what some call a Soulmate or Twinflame as for and intend a Soul-Mated relationship....
 During this time it is very important to begin to feel intuitively what it is you need and want to express and how.  This will align to your Soul Design and Soul Expression.   Manifestations that are predominately ego based are begin to lose their charge and are falling by the way side.  This is the undercurrent and prevailing trend. It might not be readily seen to be this way on the surface of living and in the main stream culture; however the trend is there.   This trend is setting up situations for more synchronistic timing and connecting and Soul Expression in all forms.
At this time you will begin to attract and draw in more people that are representing and reflecting aspects of you that need to be integrated into your life at this time.
There is a breaking down of structures; however it is very important that people focus also on what is being built.

You have to ask yourself "Are you a builder?" or, are you part of the "Demolition"... Both aspects of the same energy are needed. However, to align to your Soul Path & Soul Purpose you need to know and feel out where you fit in and how you fit in. 

If you feel the call to Self Express in many forms and join together with others in collaboration, co-operation and synergy

In this New Emerging Consciousness new forms and structures are needed.

Take time to discover and discern whether your decisions are coming from an emotional triggering; or trying to solve an internal issue with an external remedy.

If there are conflicts look for the inner conflict within.

Much of conflict is based on an inner disconnect; as well as divergent needs, differing aspects of self that need to be harmonized.

Seek decisions that bring a support to your next level of unfoldment.
Seek decisions that balance mind, body, emotions, renew your Spirit and connect you to your Soul

We are at great turning point where an over focusing on material desire is taking a "back seat" to the intangible-
This intangible can be a great conversation, a midnight walk,  taking a picture, a deep inner communion through meditation.

If you feel yourself in a box with no where to go; or uncertainty about a decision, go within.
Your Higher Self will always lead you to that which is most fulfilling and life enhancing.

Discern whether your inner and outer environment is serving your greater purpose and needs.
Take time to connect in with your body to see with what this aspect of your being truly needs.
Nurture your  body with nourishing foods and an environment that promotes peace.

Old limiting patterns of relating and being in the world may be triggered now, so take time to focus on your inner support and the support of like minded individuals that can help you always remember the truth of who you are.

Focus on the truth of your being and make decisions that create the space to shine your light.  Creativity and Self Expression are the reason we are here; as well as to share our creativity with the world.  We are here to express and this expression takes a myriad of forms. These forms are as unique as each individual and they are as infinite as the universe.

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