The Weakiest Link is Being Revealed

The weakest link is being revealed to bring awareness of what is holding you back from more fulfillment, peace, happiness and success in your life.

Next year brings a time of major life changes in the form of a "Redirection of Energy".              This redirection of energy will bring major change to many peoples life to some degree.
For some this redirection will be quite significant.  For all it will be in areas that are tangible.

The intense energies that have been in play since October are holding one's feet over the heat of these energies to really get to the bottom of what is holding you back.  The material of one's subconscious is being called up and culled to put order into what a person needs to handle to really move forward in their life.

Astrologically, this can be explained by the Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries Square and the inconjunct of Saturn in Scorpio to Uranus in Aries.  The inconjunct or quincux brings a focus of adjustment. The focus is: "What needs awareness to adjust and rebalance?"
Saturn in Scorpio is in mutual reception, as well.  A mutual reception always packs a wallop! However, this one due to it being Scorpio and Pluto in play is not messing around.  Scorpio rules surgeons and Pluto is the great transformer.  This means that the shifts, changes and transformation that takes place will laser precise, exacting and the ones that remove the dis-eased part of our life.  Pluto shifts, changes and transmutes form... Whenever and wherever Pluto is activated you can be sure major change is at hand and change you will not be able to delay or stop.

Saturn in Scorpio is holding one in place; or you could saying holding one's feet to the fire and forcing a deepening and looking below the surface. Uranus in Aries is lighting the spark,  creating the fire and this fire is hot and pushing us to reach out in our world. Aries is the pioneer and it wants to explore, express, initiate and find new interesting ways of doing things.  This energy is also a bit intense and unpredictable, a bit like lightning.  There can be speed and there can be delay. 
The energy of  Pluto in Capricorn  is transforming the structures of your life to allow more of the New Emerging Consciousness to be experienced and expressed.  Through this process the structures of your relationships and life are being tested and transformed.
The energy pattern here requires an attuning to know what to do.  You can't use only your logic mind. The flash of intuition and insight is needed to guide oneself. The answers will come from your Soul, so learning to connecting on a Soul Level and not staying on the surface of the ego are crucial now.

The energies are forcing one to look below the surface and get really honest with themselves to really evaluate if something is still viable and really needed. Try to remember that everything in life is based on relating and relationship.  Our relating and relationship to everything, everyone, including ourselves.  Think of yourself more as energy.  Where is there too much or not enough?  this can also manifest as attention. Does something or someone need more of your attention, including you?  Are there areas in your life that need more of your loving attention?

There will be challenges to all that limit you in non productive and non-life enhancing ways.  The Soul and our Spiritual Nature work not by right/wrong or good/bad it works via what is the most life enhancing. Similar to nature, and we are a part of nature there is no academic or intellectualizing survival.  A behavior or trait is either foster life or detracting from it.  We are in a time now of moving from just surviving to thriving. What brings the most life enhancing and thriving experiences will be enhanced and reinforced and whatever is pulling us away from thriving will be brought to our attention to adjust, re-balance and/or release.

Whatever is holding you back from health, inner and outer wealth, emotional stability, emotional growth, emotional openness; as well as any form of well being will be brought to your attention.  The adjustments you will be called to make are coming from deep inside you; from deep inside the recesses of your subconscious and guided by your Higher Self. The changes may seem to come from outside you; however they are orchestrated by the cosmological part of you. The part of you that is inextricably connected universally.

For some it will be on the financial or material plane; others the emotional-spiritual, some the mental and others the physical; or health, daily habits and routines.  For many there will be relationship issues and concerns.  Communication may seem to get bogged down, or one may feel misunderstood or not understood.  This is a call to find a better way and take time to listen better.  A big part of this cycle is the lesson that "It's not all about us."  This means that people are not in our life just because of us. They have their own learning experiences, timing and focus on their path.  We come together to complement each other, not to fulfill each other.  Learning to really listen to each other will give enough space in between action and non-action to know/feel how to respond in an authentic way.  A weak link for some will be inauthentic relating and living.

The weakest link will be revealed so that awareness, understanding can occur.   
This will also bring you
to your true motivations and intentions….

Give space now for gratitude for what you do know, what you have,  your support, connections and just how far you have come on the path.

Know that whatever is coming up for you on  a deeper inner level is making ready for the new.

For some this is happening now, for others you will feel this more intently and intensely in Dec.

The bulk of this cycle will be from now until mid February….

Expect a more complete and further re-direction of energy March onward….

It is time to get clear and then apply right action.  We can't know what is right action until we get clarity. 

Welcome the weak link being revealed in your life.  It isn't about judging you. 
Just know you did the best you could with what you knew and where you were, and that now you have grown. In this way something or somethings have to change to accommodate your new growth and to create more of an environment, situation or relationship to reflect this growth.

Take time to focus on ways to gain insight and clarity into your life and the parts that make up your life. This will be different for each person and will require honesty on your part to admit what has been a bit too much in your life or not enough.


Jacqueline Stone said...

Michele, this is exactly what I'm experiencing right now, and it sure is intense.

Soul Insights said...

Hi Jacqueline
Always great to hear from you. :-)
I am so happy this spoke to you.
I am finding many, including myself, going thru this powerful transforming phase.
It is bringing so much more awareness to be able to receive even more in life.
big hug