What Do You See?

 Very often it is our perception is off due to our filters (projections)

Take time this week to look below the surface.

Notice what makes you feel more enlivened… More alive and vital…

Notice what is life enhancing in your life right now reinforce and strengthen this in ways that are tangible.

By focusing more on what's "working",  what is rejuvenating and life enhancing you automatically improve your energy, your vitality and health.

Spend more time with what is working and let the solutions for what "is not working" come as flashes of insight, understanding and wise choices from your Higher Self.

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see ~  Henry David Thoreau

Release frustrating efforts to force matters.  Go with the Flow..... Go with your flow. The flow that is naturally occurring for you at this time.  This flow can change; however changing it happens easier when you first flow with it to engage it; and then you can begin to redirect. Or, even see/feel if it is possible to re-direct.
Take time to tune within through time in nature and take time to feel how your body feels.

Notice what gives you more true joy and vitality and follow this.  By noticing the trends that are working for your higher growth and your best potential you will engage the power of the Universe to thrive.  The whole of the Universe is perched for that which is life enhancing.  Finding and follow your personal life enhancing trends connects you to the larger picture of life.  This is aligning your tao to the Tao and this enacts the Universal Law of  correspondence. "As above is so below"

Learn to take time out to connect in with the inner knowing of your Higher Self.

Learn to not make major decisions until the will of your Higher Self is made known and true openings are revealed.  Various forms of meditation can help with this; however you can also just begin to notice, really notice and pay attention to what is occurring in your life.  This is a form of meditation in itself.

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