You Are the Healing In Your Own Life....

You are the healing….

In your life right now, whatever the situation you are the solution and the healing.  Focus on solutions, creative ideas, self expression and ways of balance; as well as healing.  Don't focus on the "problems" Focus on the solutions. 

Solutions will be found in many forms of creativity and creative expression.  When you ask yourself:  "What can I express?  And Where can I express? " The whole world begins to open up for you.

Look to your own Divine Nature as to what your gifts, talents and unique "take" on your present situations.  Healing from the Soul's perspective is about balance... Balance aspects of Self/self that are now coming into being and/or needing more radiant expression.    The Soul operates through expression and wholeness in expression.  What is wholly (holy) expressed is Soul Centered.

This is not about enabling. It is about joining together in mutual sharing… This all starts from connection and the first connection is within…

Decisions that are to be made are to be made in the realm of what is of the highest life enhancement and greater fulfillment, health and awareness for all concerned.

The bonds you have now and will forge in the future go beyond friend or family. They go to a Soul Level.

Make sure you are taking time to connect within; and then in awareness connect with those of like mind.  This will enrich you in ways that nourish your Soul and replenish your Spirit.

If you forget about your Spiritual Nature all else falls out……….

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