Art and Self Expression as a Vehicle to Adapt to Change

Many times people think they need to do extreme or sweeping change; however the greatest changes are nuanced, paced in a way that allows integration into one's own inner psyche. Change is similar to a great massage, chiropractic adjustment or any good body and/or transformational work. A well trained and great massage/healing therapist will first warm up your muscles to do the deeper therapeutic work.
If the muscles aren't sufficiently warmed up they actually tense up as the body work is facilitated. Take time to warm up your body mind to your deeper changes that are now taking place.

 If there has been loss in your life, or an umbrella of uncertainty take time to  find ways to bring a calming influence into your life. This calming influence will balance and settle your body-mind so that you can handle the deeper change that is taking place. We can't integrate what we won't allow or assimilate.  This takes a focus on self love.   This self love manifests in a way that we honor where we are at now.
Sometimes you can assimilate and integrate more or vaster change and influences. Sometimes you can only take in the smallest new influence. This does not mean you are sliding back into less awareness it actually means that there has been such deep shifting and changing that the new influences coming in are coming into a heightened sensitive state of being.

 The more change you have gone through the more sensitive you become... A challenge during this time will be is how to remain open, receptive even though you have gone through a lot of intense change. How to be open and receptive and to not cut off or hardened by life's experiences. This is the balance of remaining receptive to the dictates of the Higher Self- Soul and not being pulled by the wounded; or constructed/false ego.

I also suggest keeping a diary, as well as audio notes on the experiences of your path and emotional expression. Do what you can to move and express the energy that you feel. Give it form so you can move back into the formless of your being to respond from your Spiritual Center; your true nature.

Journal writing; audio notes, painting,  and other self expressive and artist forms also purify the emotional body and the energy within to move into inspiration and aspiration. Giving physical expression and form to your energy allows a creation or manifestation of the particular energy pattern and will naturally move you through the form of the pattern. Spiritual energy is not static. Since we are not static this will move you into your center point where you recalibrate and a new configuration of energy is now possible.   This new configuration of energy allows for new modes of expression.

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