What Are Your Circumstances Showing You?

If you are not experiencing or receiving what is in alignment with your known desires look to your subconscious mind for your unknown desires.  These are the desires that are not yet consciously known to you. This is also the realm of fears,inner conflict and conflicts of interests.  If you are not in alignment with your deeper desires; or true desires you manifestations will be inconsistent  and inner conflict will ensue.  This is not necessarily "bad". It can point to more clarity is needed and or more integration time.

You have to take meditative time to see what is now emerging through you as you... You have to pull back from your everyday happenings to see what the Higher Directive of your Being; which is your Soul-Soul Guide-Higher Self; is ushering through you as you.  Our unfolding and growth is really actually allowing more of our True Self.  This True Self is the individualized and individuated aspect of The All That Is; or God.  How every you want to term the infinite Resonant Fields that we are.

Integration time is needed when  aspects or needs and wants of ours are revealed to us.  Sometimes we don't consciously know what we really need at a certain part of our path.  There can be a new direction of the Soul coming through; or aspects of our being that are needing/wanting more expression.  Soul Growth always requires some sort of integration and assimilation in our inner psyche.  In fact, the word  psyche means breath of life and soul.

You can't have Soul Growth without more energy and light being released.  This energy and light can be insights, deeper knowing,  wisdom, new learning, health, and or other aspects of our being allowed more full expression.

Very often when we have divergent needs, inner conflict and are fearful of our next level this will manifest as some would say: “self sabotage”. 

Examine what is happening in your life for areas of unfulfilled needs, feelings, imaginings, desires and intentions that are assisting in the co-creation you are experiencing in your life at this time.

When one really contemplates in honesty, truth and integrity one can begin to see how opposing feelings, desires and opposite intentions can create stalemates and thwart one’s conscious desires.

This is not bad. It is beyond good or bad.   It is a process that is a necessary step in harmonization and reconciliation of aspects of self and expression of being.  This step in awareness is a call from the Higher Self- the Guiding Principle of your Inner Psyche to get clear, cleanse what is cloggy, and become aware of what is holding one back.  Awareness can bring new understanding and new directions that reflect one’s inner changes.

In many ways your circumstances can be showing you what you want to happen on an unconscious level.  Your circumstances can also be revealing to you new focuses, directions and areas in your life that are now being animated.  This animation means more life force is being placed in these areas or aspects of your being to be activated and highlighted.  In Conscious Living we are to receive and respond to these impressions and directive.  We are simply responding to the Higher Directing Aspect of us and not something outside of us.

If you feel/think that your circumstances are not what you want take the time to reconsider your desires and intentions.  See where there are unclear ideas, unmet needs, fears and or beliefs; as well as ideas that are holding you back.

What you focus on gains strength; whether for what is life enhancing or what is not life enhancing.  The manifestations that come from your Higher Self will reflect what is of the highest good for all concerned in any given situation.  What is empowering is ultimately uplifting, even if you have to go deeper within to realize it.


Janet Stephenson said...

After a 6 week break, I paused to look at the root cause of my circumstances. Your post is very timely for me, as it reminds me that I must take full responsibility for whatever comes my way.

I finally see that it's ME longing for a change, manifesting a situation to help me understand my lack of clarity on my path to both peace and success.

Awesome post, Michele!

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

thanx so much :)
this is so great to hear.
i love that you are seeing that it is "you" that are longing for change.
much peace and abundance