Wake Up! What's happening in Your Life?

What's going on in your world?  What is happening in your household?  What are the nagging concerns?

What are the areas or people in your life that you need to honor for "just being there."?
                               The seemingly ordinary in your life sets roots deep so you can expand and grow.  

This is a very important and necessary part of growth.

Is it a need to walk the dog more?  Brush the cat?  Do more; or do less?  More activity or time to go more within…. Is a different balance needed? I need to spend more time with the kids? Is it I need more downtime?Is it my partner, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or lover hardly talk anymore; or spend enough time with each other?

The wake up calls this week come from what seems mundane or ordinary.

Take time to see how you can see the magic in the ordinary.

Much of our path, no matter how stellar it seems to be is ordinary.  The ordinary grounds you and feeds you in consistent ways that the extra-ordinary cannot.

Take time this week to honor the "ordinary routine", the seemingly mundane, and even boring...

The boring brings constancy so that you can flap your wings and feel safe to take flight.


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