Soular Forecast for September

September brings an awareness of what nourishes one emotionally.  We have been in a successive series of cycles that focus on relationship and emotional fulfillment.

The Soul wants to relate in the way that is most genuine to it's actual being.  This is something that is not always apparent to us on a "human level"  We are taught to relate via social constructs of societal protocol. The Soul calls out for what is most meaningful.  There is a message in this axiom. Those that really understand this and can integrate this can begin to live more Soul Centered.

What fulfills you? This is a very important question.  It isn't just about being fulfilled on an ego or transitory level, but what fulfills you on a Soul level.  This is the question.   We are constantly in a state of becoming, emerging and being. This means we need to keep attuned to what is emerging through us as us; or one could say what are we unfolding as and what are we becoming.

We can never fully know "us". Just as we can never fully know the Universe, or the God is that we are; or the - I Am That I Am.   The infinite aspect of our being is forever fueling and informing the more finite or our beingness.

September brings the possibility of transforming the lower expression of nourishment and fulfillment into the higher expanded expression of fulfillment.

This month brings a deeper understanding of the emotional body and what it means to one's very being.  The emotional body is the vehicle in which we express and feel energetically.  There are many names for the types of expressions we fill and relay.  We call these emotions.  The more subtle aspects of energetic expression we call feelings.

This month you will also become aware of areas where you are not authentically expressing and/or where your expression is being limited unduly.

The material plane will figure prominently this month. This will be an additional focus on material needs and wants including money and all that makes living life on earth meaningful and doable.  For some this will mean the bare bones of economic interests and for others it will be a new understanding of what one needs to live materially in comfort; or from necessity.

Look to the deeper meaning of your life expression and relationships.  Even if the surface focus and idea of the material plane is be revealed dare to go deeper.  You will benefit by your ability to go deeper into the idea and understanding of life expression.

Ask yourself what truly nourishes and inspires me?
Ask yourself what types of relationships and ways of relating truly nurture and inspire me?
The answers to these questions will bring you to the next level of your Soul unfolding and  life quest.


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