Soul Insights - Focus for the Week

This week brings a focus on clarifying.  Let the light of your Spirit direct you more.

Take time out this week to clarify your needs, wants and direction.  Doing this in the form of a contemplation meditation or after breathwork can reveal deeper insights and truer needs.

It is important to know the difference between a need and a want.  They are not the same; however both are important.

Take time to notice what truly nurtures, nourishes and supports you.  This needs to be done in all areas of your life.  For some it may be food, routine, lifestyle or scheduling.  For others it may be personal time vs time with other people.

This week brings an emphasis on balance and creative play.   Keep things light and bring more play into your life.  For some this is a creative outlet or project, for others sports, for some wandering around and following their inner flow.

There are many ways to play and to be creative.  To be creative simply means to express artistically or creatively.  Don't be too literal in your artistic expression.  Your art or artistic expression can simply be how you create your day.

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