Soul Insights - Focus for the Week - Let Your Soul Express

What has been stopping you?  Seriously ask yourself what has been holding you back? Is is a "former version of you"? Is is an old concept of your life?  Is it an old role that you are wedded to in comfort, but not in actual reality?  Is it  an old version of relating that reflects previous needs and wants?

Whatever seems to be holding you back from full expression it is time to find out what it is and what the old payoff was.   We don't keep anything in our inner psyche unless there is a payoff; however small.

This week take the time to get to know the newly emerging aspects of your being. Something within you and your Soul expression is changing and this change signals new growth.

This week take time to contemplate on what is seeking new expression through you.  This can be something so subtle that you almost dismiss it. Or, for some it will be a reoccurring theme that you feel is underscoring this part of your life. However you perceive the newness that is coming through you the most important aspect is to bring conscious awareness and choice to it.

It is so important that you have Spiritual Tools and Soul Connecting Tools that bring you to the inner state of your being and expression.  This means, for whatever it is for you, that you have ways of connecting into your Inner You and dialoging and expressing this aspect of your being.

Take time to journal, draw, paint, contemplate that which is new that is emerging through you.

This week beckons that you reconnect with your own inner map and guidance to follow the directive or your inner prompting.


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