Moving Out of the Extremes of Duality and Using Chaos to Create

The more we can move out of our own play of extremes of duality in our life and into a harmonious middle ground the more we will experience abundance.

The Shift that we are experiencing is a planetary and universal one. It is cosmological; as well as individual. The collective aspect of Ascension is just as important as the individual. In fact, the Ascension can not be done one an individual level alone.

Yes, to some degree we are our brothers and sisters keepers, just not in a "co-dependent" way.  We are each others keepers in an  interdependent way. 
Astrologer Kaypacha in his "Pele Report" touches on this.  We are all connected to each other by cosmic energetic roots.  As we shift, grow and change all those that are connected to us by these roots grow and change.  These roots can be expressed as  Soul roots and represent those of our Soul Tribe or Soul Group.  You know who these people are... You feel a special something about and for them and them for you.

Take time to notice any extremes; or "denials" in your life at this time.  Denials, extremes of behavior and extreme views will tend to cause stagnation now.  Find ways to forgive, move on and center in the middle way of belief and understanding.

Notice where you are stuck or not wanting to go.  Notice where you need to let go or ease up on control.  We are in a time of letting go of what is not working or not of the highest possible experience and expression.
More than doers on some level we are deciders.  Much is decided before we actually have to "do".

Take time to contemplate what you really want to experience, express and draw into your life.   At this time of letting go to what is there is a lot of movement. We are in the flux and flow of personal and universal change.  During this time we can insert our desires and intentions in the Gap.  The Gap is the place in space and time where there are openings and directional shifting.

It is a time of chaos and  there is a lot of coming and going energetically and via activity. It is in  The Gap that one can use the random energy of chaos to create.  Stay alert and aware to the shifting energies and the chaos in your life at this time.  When you sense The Gap or a pause this is the time to insert or move forward on your desires.  This is using the energies and state of chaos for creation.

Think of this time as a ball of yarn is unraveling and raveling at the same time.  You can put your will into the space between raveling and unraveling and use this yarn to knit or crochet what you want.
It is an advanced form of metaphysics and co-creation; but this is how Causal Creation happens.  This will be more the mode of creation.  In business or technology terms it is called "Disruptive Innovation".
You can master this and use it at your will for the Highest Will, Experience  and Expression for all concerned.  Take the time to practice this.  It is like a traffic jam in a parking lot. Some cars are moving out, some are stymied due to the cars moving out of the parking spaces and you see an opening.... Take the openings now.  They will lead to bigger and more life enhancing directions later.

 There are messages, insights and opportunities for growth and Ascension in these circumstances. Also, notice what you not only don't like in others but what you admire and respect. Ascension is about the life enhancing reflections and well as the counter productive ones. Many people think that the shadow material is the "negative" or less evolved aspects. The shadow is whatever has not been acknowledged and integrated.

A crucial aspect of Soul Alignment is the Ascension Process; which is a moving away from lower-level creative expressions and creations of emotional drama; as well as the “playing out” the extremes of the polarity plane.

When you can become free of lower level thought and manifestations you release a tremendous amount of power to co-create and express your true Self Expression. This power allows you to seamlessly express Divine Creativity and Abundant living.

As we ascend and move out of the extremes of duality we release control on an egoic level and we tap into Divine Grace…. This is the place of Miracles, Divine Right Timing, Synchronistic Connecting and the unfolding of our Soul Path and Soul fulfillment.

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