Clear Out to Bring Better Alignment to Your Higher Self

Take more time to be in the moment in your life. Don't jump too far ahead or keep your focus too far behind you. Take time to clear out.. Clean out… It is difficult for the "new" to be seen or come in with "too much" … This "too much" can be too much of anything, even emotions,, It's hard to evaluate when there is mental, emotional, physical or material clutter.

 This clutter cam be cramped with an "over busy" schedule and activities. Your Higher Self is always putting the signs, symbols, as well as, clues to your next steps of unfolding and fulfillment. Sometimes we can't see this, as there is "too much going on"; or too much around us- either inside us, or in our outer environment. Periodically, we all need to clear out and clean out.

 We need to clear out our closets, both inner and outer. Closets are containers; and so is our mind. We need to check our mind to see if our thoughts, beliefs and ideas are supportive of the Higher Octave of Expression and life enhancing… We need to clean out our inner and outer garages.. We need to rake the leaves to see the grass and weed the garden so the plants can grow. We need to clean the windows to better see the view.

 Peace, calm and certainty on your path doesn't happen by "happenstance". It happens through time, effort, processing and using your Spiritual Tools. Meditation  can be a really useful tool in clearing mental clutter and tuning in to one's Inner Knowing and Inner Guidance from the Higher Self.  The Meditative State also helps one to "see" what the Higher Self is placing in front of us as our next steps, focus; or what we need to release.

 Look for ways to clear the clutter and get to what really matters to you and to view what your Higher Self is placing in front of you.

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