August Soular Forecast

It continues to be a time of heightened personal awareness; as well as shifting and adjusting in relationship.  All relationships begin with us.  There is an emphasized focus on adjusting the way others relate to us and the way we relate to others.  Getting clearer on true needs and wants is key; as well as expressing beyond roles.
Expect even more of a focus on relationships this month.  For some of you there may be a “Mr. or Miss Right” right in front of you…This can be a Mr. or Miss "right now"; or a "right now for certain circumstance and Soul growth"
 Keep a sunny disposition and let yourself play... 
Don't get too caught up in particulars this month.  Allow for the new directions and changes in the mood.  You may want to be more playful, and if so allow this with grace and ease.  Let your relationships show you "what you want".  Do this by feeling and observing not by thinking too much.  
For others there may seem to be endless adjustments in relationship.  You may even feel “out of sorts”, so to speak.  This is due to the fact that a lot is changing on an inner level that needs to be lived and expressed on an outer level.  The deep inner changes that are going on are requiring more authentic Soul expression.  This means that old roles, ways of being and responding if they are not Soul connected and based on what is of most Soul Resonance they will be falling by the way side, or explosions exploding them out of usage. 
The Soul as accessed by Infinite mind via our subconscious is very efficient.  The Higher Self as the Inner Guide of the Soul/Psyche can multi –task like most could never imagine.
This means that this part of you can wham blast something or many things out of your life or in your life. 
If you feel like a lot is changing and not much of the old is left this is your Higher Self/Soul Self/Being doing a clean sweep.
For some of you it may be a lot being swept into your life.  Whichever aspect of the sweeping you are in know that changes are afoot and these changes are to bring more Soul Alignment and Soul Expression.  
The more alignment one has, then ultimately the more fulfillment and abundance.
Look for ways to consciously assist in the sweeping in or out.  Spend more quality time with yourself and others.
Also, take time to express love and gratitude.
Be in nature more and spend time with children and your loving pets. 
This month notice the small gifts, appreciate these gifts and this gratitude with love will bring more of what is loving and fulfilling to you.

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