Are You Following the Openings?

Your Soul operates through openings. Openings imply growth and expansion.
Your Soul Guide can have you wait.  This means the “ego/personality” self might seem like it is waiting a long time for something to materialize or experienced.
 Your Soul works via what is the most congruent. 
This includes not only what is congruent or life-enhancing for you but those that you are and will be connecting, sharing, interacting and/or collaborating with on your path.  
 Remember how your life unfolds is not just about you, but all those that you are connected to via inner ties.
Inner ties are those connections that are beyond space and time.  There is a timeless – inner knowing quality about them. You feel as if you have known these people before and there can also be an inner knowing that you are meant to do “something” of substance together.  For some this can be on an interpersonal, or emotional level; for others a social and business or project level.  For some people it is the uncanny combination of both the interpersonal and project based level that cements this relationship.
When you are being spirit led; which means being guided by that which enlivens, enriches, inspires, animates and brings you the most energy you are then in contact with your Soul and Soul Design.  Spirit Led Living is a type of living that is being guided by spiritual forces that are beyond your egotist nature.  When you tap into this aspect of your being you are connecting with your Soul Guide or Higher Self.  This is the aspect of you that is beyond dualistic pullings and egotist fears.
In order to be Spirit Led and move into Synchronistic Timing you have to notice and follow through on the openings in your life.  This is the way the Soul interacts with the dense physical existence of manifestation.  
 When something is complete or no longer life enhancing the energy is retracted from that event, person or situation.  This frees up energy for the new direction and energy attendant to it.  Our “job” on a “human level” is to follow it through.  We are to follow through on the Higher Directive.  By following the openings, and not the forced entry you are maximizing your potential from your Higher Self. You move into Flow Consciousness and less work is needed to actualize your potential and goals.  When you follow the natural openings in your life you are working within resonance and synergy.
Look  for the openings in your life however inconsequential or small they seem.  The Soul builds on the “unlikely” “unseemly” and improbable to create breakthroughs. These are the areas we say: “I had no idea this was going to happen,  How could this happen; Or, this a once in a life time opportunity.”
 These areas of improbable or impossible are also called “Miracles”


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