Focus for the Week - Self Care = Soul Care

 Your well being is fostered by a conscious balance between the needs of your personal Soul Expression and the expression of those around you.

It is time to release the need to "fix" others.
As you do this you will begin to enjoy others with an open heart.

When you release the need to change others, you will have more energy, time and focus for your creative endeavors.
You can share, guide, inspire and offer insight to others.
After this is done allow for the space for the growth to occur.

Focus this week on what inspires, uplifts and enlivens you.  Notice what "isn't" working; but don't dwell on it.  Make a mental note as to what needs adjusting, changing or modifying in your life.  Trust that in you noticing this that your Higher Self will begin to orchestrate this changes with the Universe.  This will revamp and re-balance your flow.

Though for some relationships may be strained, take this time to see the other person's point of view and or wounding. For some you will feel you are opening up more in relationships and that others are opening up more to you.   Look at what is personal and what is a preference.  Understand what you need and want while accepting "what is"

Take time to tune within through time in nature and take time to feel how your body feels.

Notice what gives you more true joy and vitality and follow this.  Notice the people, situations and activities that bring you natural joy.

Learn to take time out to connect in with the inner knowing of your Higher Self.
Learn to not make major decisions until the will of your Higher Self is made known and true openings are revealed.

Take time to do something special for you as a form of appreciation for all you do, share and all that you are.

This appreciation will naturally radiate out to all you come in contact with.

True appreciation begins to open you up to your latent talents, gifts and what truly enriches you.

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