Focus for the Week - Energetic Shifting and Realignment in Relationship

We are in a period of heightened re-alignment to Self/self and with each other.  This is affecting one's "inner" relationship; as well as our "outer" relationships. 

Inner and outer balance is also key now.  Remember that balance is not always the same for everyone, even ourselves.  To really know balance one has to feel it out...  True balance is very intuitive.

During this time it is important to take some "down time" to focus on personal needs and wants.  We are better able to be there and share ourselves with others when when our tank is full.  Giving from an abundant cup means that we are also giving to ourselves.

If you are being asked to "minimize" your needs, wants and Self Expression this is not coming from your Higher Self.  Your Soul needs and wants to express not only the Higher Octave of you and your experiences, but the Whole You…… This means all parts/aspects integrated in a healthy expression.

The "rational" mind can always focus on the "negative" possibilities. However the truth of your path and purpose is beyond the "surface and rational" mind.

Learn to trust your Higher Self (Inner Wisdom & Inner Knowing) and make peace with the ambiguities  and uncertainties in your life.

Use your Spiritual Tools to connect into your center.  Nurture this connection daily.  Resonance is becoming more and more key.   The Soul expresses and experiences via resonance.  Find ways to harmonize. If there is dissonance or discord find ways to bring peace and calm. Trust that understanding will come later.  Viewpoints are clearer and we make better decisions when we are centered within and peaceful.

The shifts, loss and changes that are taking place are happening so that you can express more of your authentic you.

Whatever is taken away is brought forth to you in a form that is more life-enhancing and fulfilling for you.  We may not see or feel this on a "human level", but the trend of the Universe, God, The All That Is, Spirit is always toward growth and that which is life enhancing.

Take time this week to get to know the emerging version of  "you" that is forming. In this way you will be better able to share this you more genuinely.


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