Using Expression to Get Unstuck on the Path

The Spirit of our Being is fluid. 
 As in yoga when it is said the spine is flexible the mind is fluid and the being adapts.   
This is a large part of health and healthy living.

When we are chronically stuck chances are we are not using the energy of the situation or the emotion to create or self- express.
If you are feeling “stuck” look for ways to move your energy.  This will move the energy of the situation. Find ways of self-expression & creative expression.  –  Dance, sing, write a song, paint, draw, write, journal, sketch, do poetry, flowetry, rap, create a garden that reflects your path and situation write now.
 I also suggest keeping a diary, as well as audio notes on the experiences of your path and emotional expression.  Do what you can to move and express the energy that you feel.  Give it form so you can move back into the formless of your being to respond from your Spiritual Center; your true nature. This also purifies the emotional body and the energy within to move into inspiration and aspiration. 
There is quite a bit of recent scientific  research on "journaling" and distress.   The research shows that journaling relieves stress. One way this inner activity does this is by freeing up parts brain function that are being over used and on overload.   The act of writing down thoughts, feelings, concerns, ideas in a "Stream of Consciousness" fashion was seen to relieve confusion and to assist in sorting through emotions.  The journaling was shown to clear the mental state of people and bring emotional balance.
I use this tool personally; as well as with the people I work with.  It always proves to be an amazing tool to utilize on one's Self Development and Spiritual Path.  I have found it very beneficial in developing intuition and a deeper inner connection with one's Inner Guidance/Higher Self.  The very act of taking the time to write and listen to oneself brings a true understanding and intimacy to one's individual unfolding.
Giving physical expression and form to your energy allows a creation or manifestation of the particular energy pattern and will naturally move you through the form of the pattern. Spiritual energy is not static.  Since we are not static this will move you into your center point where you recalibrate and a new configuration of energy is now possible. 
This recalibration puts you at a new causal point.  Our body-mind naturally wants to express, expand and unfold to a new causal point.  In essence you could say we are a causal point from the Original Causal Point – Source energies that keeps on creating new levels of causal points or expressions.
We are meant to move and express. 
This movement and expression takes on many forms. Each form is as individual as each person.
The fluidity of our True Nature is a gift and an aspect of our God Nature.

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