How are You Doing in the Dance?

There are changes in the flux and flow of relationship, right now. A call for deeper meaning and more balance is being heard from deep within our inner psyches.  We are being asked to dance more and wait on the sidelines less.

It is important to know that all in your life and relationships  are working toward what is most life enhancing and the greater good for all.

The “all” part is key now.  It is not enough for us to focus on our needs and wants; but we need also a focus on what is life-enhancing for all, as much as possible, in relationships and the situations we find ourselves in at this time.

We are being nudged to grow more.

Take time to nurture yourself and spend time with those that are less draining and create time for less stressful situations.

Life and relationships are a dance... We can't always lead, and yet we can't always follow. It's a blend and balance.  This dance is even with our own needs and wants.  We can have our own inner conflict that calls for balance and meaningful expression.

You can enjoy the dance more and learn more steps with a deeper spiritual connection and using your spiritual-psychological tools. We all have needs: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and materially.  We are Divine Energy Beings expressing through these modes.  We are of Spirit, and yet human.  No matter how far a long the path, metaphysically advanced or spiritually advanced the human aspect needs tending.  We are here to love, to learn, create and relate...

This week there maybe turmoil or a bit of upheaval in relationships.  Some of this turmoil might be "inner conflict" or a trying to work out a better way and balance of one's life and schedule.

Boundaries are key now.  Boundaries of energy are the focus now.

This energy can be your vital life force energy, motivation, inspiration, money, health, time, space….etc

It is all about your “output”

Ask yourself: “Are you getting enough ‘input’ for your ‘output’?

You don’t want to be “tit for tat”; however you do want to feel an exchange of energy in whatever form is balanced and fluid.

 Fluid is key… You don’t want the energy exchange flow to be stuck in either direction.

As you see and feel more of what your Higher Self is directing you to do; you will then begin to understand the boundaries that you set are a form of love…. self love and love of others…

As you take better care of yourself, then you can be there more for others.


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