The New Emerging Consciousness of Relationships

We continue to have a  focus on refinement in relationship. This refinement is on a personal level, as well as a collective.  This will continue for many years as we ushering in and create the New Paradigm. 
The New Emerging Consciousness is based on cooperation, coherence and resonance. 
           This more than implies the energy of harmony and synergy.
The New Paradigm is an out-picturing or physical manifestation of this Up-leveled Consciousness.
For some people this intensification of energy is bringing eruptions and disruption in relationships and routines.  For others there will be heart to heart talks of needing more help, more attention or more time. 
There is a lot of uncertainty, fear, and a sense that all is in flux. For many they feel they are in limbo and that this "limbo" is more than a minor transition. There is a lot of irrational behavior, and at best in some cases ill perceived thought processes.     Astrologer Robert Wilkinson and author of the blog Aquarius Papers calls this the   "Grand Irrationality.
It is a time to clean up and clear out.  We have been on this major purge for many years during this time of Awakening and Converging Flow.   We have been clearing out on the Astral Plane which corresponds to our Emotional Body.  This is one of the reasons that there can be erratic behavior and people can be emotionally charged more than usual.   Personally and Collectively the cry is to free up, garner and create more meaning; as well as self expression in one's life. 
Ask yourself:  What do you need more of in your life, your relationships and in your everyday life routine?
A routine needs to fulfill actual needs and be a supportive; and yet flexible structure.
Is your routine supporting you; or taxing you?
The energy that is coming forth calls for contemplation on personal fulfillment.  This will be an overlaying with a desire for more movement, expression, connection, community and communication.  The communication that is being emphasized is one of sharing - mutual sharing.
The Shift that has occurred is requiring more and more that our fulfillment needs to align to the New Energies of the New Emerging Consciousness. In order to allow this alignment we need to think and feel what is right for us and our life; and those that connect with on a day to basis; as well as those we meet spontaneously along the way of our path. 
The Soul likes spontaneity.  The Soul likes creative expression.  The Soul loves to connect and share.  The Soul loves to love in various ways and forms.  The Soul loves to feel the energy of  Spirit,  that substance and energy that is it’s life blood and light.
The Soul calls forth our deeper awareness and creates a song for us to follow the notes of this deeper knowing and expression.
We need to be aware in each situation or circumstance of better ways of listening, better ways of giving and better ways of sharing in service. The decisions we now make need to be life enhancing, fulfilling not just for us individually, but also to those we are connected to....  
In the I Ching it is said that:  "We are connected to each other by inner ties and that as we grow those connected to us, like roots of a tree grow with us."   We are in service to each other.  We are hosts for each others loving, learning, expressing and growing. 
What helps me is to extend the idea of service. Service is not just volunteering or doing philanthropic work.  Service is a way and being that fosters honor and sacredness in everyday living.  Living life in a way that is of service underscores that we are in service to that which is higher.  This can be a higher ideal, a higher power, a higher purpose or the awareness of a higher plan.
Focus on Love, try and see through the eyes of the higher; whatever that higher is for you. 

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