Is There a Counter Intention to Your Intention?

Your desires plant seeds in your subconscious.  
Your intention is part of the carrier wave along with your emotions (energy in motion) that draw your desires to you and facilitate the building of your dreams into a reality.
If you are not experiencing or receiving what is in alignment with your known desires look to your subconscious mind for your unknown desires.  These are the desires that are not yet consciously known to you. This is also the realm of fears, inner conflict and conflicts of interests.
Very often when we have divergent needs, inner conflict and are fearful of our next level this will manifest as some would say: “self sabotage”.  
Examine what is happening in your life for areas of unfulfilled needs, feelings, imaginings, desires and intentions that are assisting in the co-creation you are experiencing in your life at this time.
When one really contemplates in honesty, truth and integrity one can begin to see how opposing feelings, desires and opposite intentions can create stalemates and thwart one’s conscious desires.
In many ways your circumstances can be showing you what you want to happen on an unconscious level.
If you feel or think that your circumstances are not what you want; then use your Spiritual Tools and take the time to reconsider your desires and intentions.
What you focus on gains strength; whether for what is life enhancing or what is not life enhancing.
Many times people have an intention, and then an intention that is counter to their known intention.  This  intention-counter intention blocks one's energy flow.  Some symptoms of this are:  aches, pains, chronic colds or flu, depression, confusion, lack of energy,  hoarding, ambivalence, underlying irritation, and sometimes frustration.  This intention-counter intention can also cause craving for comfort foods, over indulgence of mind-body altering foods, activities and substances. There can be other symptoms that represent stuck or stagnate energy.
 Because our energy is meant to circulate the intention-counter intention sets up a situation where the energy is imploding inward and like a swampy pool the energy sets.  This is different from a conscious going within. This is energy that starts to circulate or extend out from us and is meant with the same force of energy pushing it back in; or pulling it down.  Similar to putting a car in first gear and then second back and forth; there isn't much or any movement.
Take hold of your thoughts and place them on what you want; rather than what you don't want. Your intuition; as well as the signs and symbols in your life will guide you toward the realization of your intention. Your intuition can also reveal to you whether you are on track, off track or a counter - intention is blocking what you intend.
Look to your circumstances to see what is unfolding in your life. If it is not in accordance with what you consciously want; then take time to look within to see if you have any inner conflict or counter intention about your desires, dreams or goals. 

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