Inner Truth, Honesty and Conscious Living are forms of Self Love

When we are not honest with others; in truth we are not being honest with ourselves.  Living consciously is living truthfully and honestly.         The truth is one's own personally truth as it relates to the Universal Truths

All dishonest dealings, dishonest communication and power struggles come from not being centered in one's truth and inner wounding.

In truth, dishonesty is a prelude just as misunderstanding is a prelude to understanding.  Many times people need to learn by "what it isn't".  We can learn by what doesn't feel right or fulfill us, just as much as we learn by what is right for us and fulfills us. At some point there is a definite where we draw in more of what it is, then what it isn't.   Remember as a Soul we are learning, expressing and experiencing many sides to our being, Soul Design/Expression and aspects of life.

This inner wounding cause one to feel less than and not worthy. This gets projected out into the world and others.  Honesty is not "blah blahing" about everything you ever did or didn't do. It is not divulging inner secrets, misdeeds or answering every inquiry from a person you hardly know.  We have come in our society to think that this is being honest.  The over sharing or TMI...  Honesty is living from the truth of your being, loving yourself and be in integrity with yourself, your needs/wants, desires and life.  It is allow all aspects of you life enhancing radiant self expression.

In fact many times the people that are the most self disclosing and don't have healthy mental, emotional and physical boundaries are very cut off from themselves and their true emotional needs.  They can be too "other directed" and overly focused on outer relationships, how others see them, and if they are "liked".  This individual would need to begin to get really honest with themselves and become more "self directed" to see what truly is important to them and live this.  This of course takes time to do a Spiritual Check In

Take time to find your Spiritual Center.  What connects you Spiritually.  Your Spiritual Center will not let you down and it is the cornerstone of all relationships. 

It is time to shake free from our limiting; as well as wrong perceptions of ourselves.  This starts with noticing what you are doing and moving into self love and self understanding.  When we realize why we "do" what we do we can then have compassion for ourselves and others. We can see how people mistreat themselves and us out of wounding.  It is the unhandled wounds that create the dysfunctional relating patterns.  The way out of the pattern is not cajoling, taunting, shaming or pushing. It is through love, compassion and set aside time for self healing. This self healing brings one into the wholeness of their Soul Design and Expression.

The only reason a "bully" bullies someone is she/he has been bullied…   A person that has instigated a power play is not feeling their own power…. This is why they try and over power someone.
A person that feels they are being over powered ( the victim) is not seeing their own power; or empowerment.

What is our power?  It is simply us as unique Spiritual – Soul Beings… It is our unique personalities, it is our gifts, talents, skill, and idiosyncratic ways.
What seems silly or quirky to some, might be very natural and fulfilling to another.

If you are finding yourself in power struggles or unfulfilled look to where you are not appreciating and in gratitude.  Look to your supports and understand that support is not only  a good 'thing', but a natural part of living on the life path.

Your Soul is a unique expression of you.  The more you truly love and honor yourself the less fear you will have and the less you will fear going into new directions.

Your Soul wants wholeness and fulfillment.. Your Soul also wants to express love, be loved, share love and to experience love.  One way of expressing love is through our relationships and expressions.

If we are not honoring our relationships; whatever type they may be. It means on some level we are not loving and honoring ourselves.

All relationships reflect our own inner relationship.

There are some very challenging energetic and  astrological aspects in June and July.  These aspects will either help free you from what is block love, contentment and fulfillment in your life; or they will point out the areas, beliefs and behaviors that you do that block you from your own fulfillment.  Due to this I have been sharing on this more on my Soul Insights blog as well.

For others these aspects will be the wind beneath your wings and sail you through the waters of your new direction and to your new destinations….

The difference will be attracted to you by your level of Self Love and Honesty.

Definition of  honesty from dictionary:
honesty integrity, uprightness, honorableness, honor, morality,morals, ethics, principles, high principles, righteousness, right-mindedness; virtue,goodness, probity, high-mindedness, fairness, incorruptibility, truthfulness,trustworthiness, reliability, dependability, rectitude.

Namaste in Love and Light

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