Are you a "Seeder" ?

 Calling all "Seeders".... You are needed; especially now.

Seeders are seeded with the New Emerging Consciousness and the ideas and vision that come from this.  They are "here" in the frontlines and the edges living their lives to a different tune and calibration.

They have been "waiting" on the sidelines, "fringe groups" and heartfelt communities and on their own until their "Call to Seed" has been heard and felt.  Some of them have felt out of step all their life; or as if they have always been ahead or way behind in another time....

Well, the time is now... The call has been sounded and the sonar amplified.  It is time to move out of what no longer is in resonance and coherence. It is time to sway out of what isn't and into what is and to release the sound, the tone that is you. It is time to recognize what has been all this time inside of you that now wants to "come out"

We are in a Divine Spirit of Play.  This play is what we are "here" to do.  We are here as the Unifying  Creative and Guiding Principle of the Universe.  This Creative Principle of Love is the very fabric of our being.  We are "here" to experience and express this love through love in action, service, connecting and our creations.

The seed that each Seeder is encoded with is a composite of vibrational frequencies and wavelengths that are unique to each individual.  Each person holds a piece; or smaller seed to the larger universal seeds. Each person has a specific Soul Seed that corresponds to an aspect of Awakening and a particular Soul Group. All that we need to offer and share is within each of us.

It is time to go into the groups and systems with your aspect of the New Emerging Consciousness. How you see the world and what you envision in love and light is needed now.  The Universal Oneness and Humanitarian Divine Play needs more players now. It is time to play by showing up in your life and extending out into the world.  This part of the path cannot be done in a vacuum or in isolation.

If you find yourself isolating or that you are not extending out into the world then you are not recognizing, honoring and using your Soul Gifts.  The way to use your Soul Gifts is to reach out and share.  See where you extend out into other circles of light. 

The New Emerging Consciousness is being activated through the Converging Flow of the Awakening.  This is causing the "Seeders" to move out with their truth, own and live their truth.

Some people are planters and take these seeds and put them into the systems, groups, societies.  Other people (light beings) nurture these seeds; and others maintain them and see that they multiply.

You will find your place in this evolutionary - transformation cycle by what you are naturally drawn to in service and natural joy.  Some of you may play with a few parts of the seeding process.  However know that all change is actually a change in more consciousness.  We are Consciousness made manifest... We are the out-picturing of Source Energies; or God, The All That Is.

Just know that if you understand you are a "Seeder" then how you show up in consciousness is effecting life enhancing change.  As you extend out in love, self expression, creativity, service and Spirit Play you are seeding wherever you find yourself.  Remember, that this seeding can be fun... The more fun and light-heartedness even better. 

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