What's Your Spiritual Rock?

What's your Spiritual rock look like?
Ever thought of this?

What comprises your foundation?

Our spiritual rock is what makes up and reinforces our inner strength, spiritual reserves, and emotional awareness.

Spirituality is not very beneficial if we are not emotionally, mentally and physically healthy.

Sometimes people have an illness or condition that is challenging at best and at worst debilitating.

Our physical health is optimum for where we are and with what we are given. 
Physical well-being is a balance that the body-mind reaches via homeostasis.  The body-mind seeks to create this homeostasis organically and naturally.  In essence we are to receive the body wisdom to assist in achieving this homeostasis.

This state of at-one-ment - attunement- alignment- coherence-harmony- balance- synergy within and without can not be created or achieved unless we consciously know not only ourselves but what is our true Spiritual Rock.

Are you a person that needs downtime, alone time to renew?
Do you need a regular dose of nature, a hike, walk on the beach?
Do you seek to commune with the Divine through prayer, meditation and contemplation?
Do your need regular retreats?
Do you need to shake up your energy by movement?
Do you long to jog along the beach shoreline; or bike through the city?

Ask yourself the questions that will bring you into a deeper knowing of what makes up your Spiritual Rock.
If you don't have this Spiritual Rock seek playful ways to create this for yourself.
We are living the Spirit of Play and so your answers will be found bubbling up from deep within and not from chasing on the outside.

Your Spiritual Rock is what nurtures, nourishes and renews your Spirit.  It is not only the way you refresh and fill back up; it is also the ways in which you express.
The more your expressions and activities are aligned to your Soul the more fulfilled you will feel and live.
This fulfillment is very energizing. It feeds your Soul and fans the eternal flame of your Spirit.

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