What's Your Job?

Your job is to create a life that is the most fulfilling for yourself and that allows you to reach out, connect and for others to reach out to you to share.
How you do this is up to you.  The details of this are up to you.

The guiding force in this is Love… Love of yourself, people, life and what you do.

Your job is not to "live for work or work for a living"  This is a part of what you do, however it is not you or the totality of what you are meant to do.

As you allow positive change into your life and do more that is actually fulfilling to you more gets down.  It doesn't sound logical, perhaps, however it is true.

As we move into the New Paradigm self sacrifice and martyrdom will not be rewarded.

Why not be progressive and be ahead of the pack?  

Spend some time this week to daydream on some positive what ifs…..

Let yourself imagine some new idea, goal, and vision.

Imagination is the first step in manifestation….

Even before faith comes in one has to imagine something to be so; or what if it could be so….



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