Trusting the Buddha Within...

Within you is a Spiritual Teacher, an Inner Guide; you can call this your Higher Self, Guardian Angel or Soul Self, or Buddha Nature.   This aspect of you is urging the best version of you and for an expression that is based on your Soul.

To base your choices on your Inner Guidance you need to take the time daily, and if not daily then weekly to create the space and time to really listen, hear and understand this part of you.

The Buddha within speaks and expresses to you in a voice that is uniquely you.  Your Buddha Nature is imbued with the innate Soul Qualities that reflect the Soul Voice of your  Soul Expression.

The Inner Guidance of your Buddha Nature will always guide you toward that which is not only life enhancing, serves your spiritual growth, but also what is life enhancing for you on the material plane.  It is a balance of needs and wants being fulfilled.

Your Higher Self; or Buddha Nature is definitely practical in application.  The Inner Directive will guide you to the unfolding of what is also conducive to your life on earth and worldly needs to bring real life advancement; as well as deeper spiritual understanding.

You are both expressing as a material, earth being as well as a spiritual being.  Your True Nature is infinite and of the Life Force Animating Energy; which could also be termed Spiritual or of Spirit.

Take time to check in with yourself to make sure that you are not only hearing this part of you, but acting on what you hear and letting this inform your life choices.  Very often we "know" what we need to do. It is more the norm that we don't trust that we know what to do and this stems from fear.

If you are feeling at a crossroads take the time to put the question of "What is right action for me in this situation, or at this time?" to your Higher Self- or Buddha Nature.  Be open to the Inner Guidance you will receive.  This Inner Guidance may be presented in an outer form, or from another person.  Your next step is to trust this aspect of you knowing that it has your best interests at heart.


Karen Jolly said...

Beautiful post Michele! I love your question to put to Higher Self... the answer is always there for us if we will open our hearts to listen. Love your wisdom!! xo

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

hi karen :-)
yes, isn't it so true??? Higher Self always there for us if we but ask :-)
hope your week is in a great flow for you.
thanx so much for stopping by and commenting. i appreciate it. it is always so great to connect and share.
much peace