Trust in Your Higher Self

Consider new ideas and directions and yet take more time to work on Inner Development and trust in your Higher Self before committing to a new way of life or direction.

Consider whether you are running from or to something.  Consider whether you are reinforcing old limiting patterns; or are you letting what is more life enhancing come into your life.

If you find yourself isolating; or having less support and supportive interactions around you then you are making choices that are not in alignment with your Soul and Higher Self.

The Aquarian Age, the New Paradigm, is about mutual support and extending out to friends, community and groups of like-minded individuals for shared goals.

Many times due to childhood wounds, disappointments and betrayals in relationship people tend to contract their interests and reach. Our Soul Nature wants to reach out, to explore, to play and express.  Limiting your connections and interactions willfully comes from the wounding of the egoic nature.   Natural limitations come from organic situations; however if new opportunities are coming up for you and you are shying away, ask yourself "Why?"  "What area of wounding am I being reminded of?"

Take time to be really honest with yourself to  see what patterns are indeed holding you back.  From a place of compassion you can begin to heal these wounds and limiting beliefs and extend out more into your life.

It is time to live fuller and allow more Radiant Expression.  Like a radiant light with many scopes and spheres we are meant to allow different parts to shine.  Shining in only one area or in only one "way" is an anathema to the Soul Self.  The Soul loves to express all shades and hues of it's beautiful unique design. 

You have gifts that the world needs and that the Universe deems important and valid.

Because you are “here” you are meant to be “here”. It is not a mistake that you are here on this Earth… It is time for you to really know this and live from this place of empowerment.

See where you can share more of you, your gifts, talents, and pure being.

Look for areas where you can share your insights, shine your light and lend a hand; or a compassionate ear for someone.

There is a place for you and that place and time is now.  Finding the place to share your gifts happens by noticing what is right in front of you.  The areas and opportunities to extend out toward will be in your immediate surroundings and circle of those people nearest to you.  From this place more will be added as you master what is right in front of you.

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