The Guiding Force of Your Soul

In truth there is only one Self.  This Self has many aspects and modes of being; as well as expression.  The terms "Higher Self" and "Lower Self"  are used to connote aspects of our being.   The Lower Self reflecting the aspect of our being  that expresses through Beta Awareness.    
The Higher Self is the aspect of awareness and the expression of this awareness through the Unifying Consciousness.  This part is not only aware of it's connection to the Whole of the All That Is, but also is a seamless expression of the All That Is.  This aspect of our being is accessed through alpha - theta brain wave states.  

This aspect of our being is very expanded, inclusive and always is drawn to that which is most life enhancing.   We use these two terms to make it easier to understand ourselves, our path and growth from this path.   During the Soul Alignment the two aspect of our being fuse and we then express and experience life in a seamless interconnectedness.  This is one of the prerequisites for the New Paradigm and the New Emerging Consciousness  is ushering this way of living and expression.
Your Higher Self is the guiding force of your Soul.  You can also call this aspect of “you’ your Soul Self.  It is the individualized Higher Octave of you that retains the Universal connection and awareness of you as an aspect of the All That Is.  This aspect of you knows no separation and always guides you toward that which is more life enhancing and fulfilling. 
Part of waking up as if from a deep foggy slumber is a deep need to connect with others in harmonious relating and sharing. There begins to be an urge for what not “seems” real or fulfilling, but what feels fulfilling and life enhancing.
As you wake up to your True Self… your Soul Expression begins to be the underlying and driving impulse in your life.  There are many layers and modes of expression to untangle from the False Ego and the Egotist Manifestations that need to take place for one to connect into their Soul Expression.  
 In connecting more to your Soul Expression and living this expression there is a natural tendency to desire to live a more meaningful and purposeful life.    
This inner urge and nudge from your Higher Self guides you to question mainstream trends and populace belief systems. It his here a person asks: “There must be something more.”  “I know I am here for a deeper purpose.”  This deeper purpose will be revealed by you following your Inner Guidance and what you are organically drawn to.  The activities, situations that give way to natural joy are the realm of your Soul.  

This week take time to notice your responses; whether in the moment or in reflection.  Begin to notice which are coming from the expanded aspect of you, your Higher Self; and which are coming from the more limited aspect of you.  Both are important... Both are "you".  It is in a blended approach in life that true peace of mind and

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