Spiritual Check In

Every now and then we all need to do a bit of an Inner Check In with ourselves.
I suggest this check in be done over a few days or even a month, to allow information bubble up from the deeper parts of inside you.
You can also pose these questions to yourself and then go on a hike, bike ride, or leisurely walk on the beach, mountains, a park or anywhere in nature.

Your true answers will not come from "asking the question", but from the process of asking the question.  During the mental, emotional and physical body processing your answers will begin to reveal themselves…. It is in the revealing and unfolding of the answer that you get to know

How do you want to show up in your world?  Who do you want to be there with you?   What type of person/people?  What kinds of situations?
Sometimes people can grow into what you need and want. You can also attract or draw in what you already know you need and want. It is possible.

Ask yourself who you really are? Even more importantly How are you?  How do you want to express yourself and live?  What type of focus, lifestyle, activities?? This type of questioning is the realm of the Soul.

What is important to you?  What brings you natural joy, beyond being happy or sad?
Seek out advice or wise counsel if you wish, but accepting who you really are and going after what you want instead of what others want for you is the most important.

During times of intense and deeper change your brain chemistry changes and new neuro-patheways are created, laid down and need to be reinforced.
The neuro-pathways that are being created are those that are to bring about more coherence within the body-mind; which includes the emotional body and the interface etherically to the Soul.
This coherence does have a "feeling" of attunement, alignment and at-one-ment to it.  This attunement will reflect what is most in "resonance" for you.  This resonance will connect you more into your kinesthetic memory and information (body wisdom).

It is really important to familiarize yourself with how "Subtle Energy" feels. The Subtle Energy which is an aspect of you beyond the denser physical you attunes you via resonance. Resonance is that which creates and draws to you the what is most harmonious and promotes homeostasis in the body-mind.  It is the Center Point of Being.

This resonance will help you attune to your Higher Self when you are needing insights, information, direction or simply wanting to commune with the Divine Aspect of your Being.  This is the Eternal Aspect of you that is Spiritual in nature.

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