Marriage and the Soul Path

In many ways we are the love we seek.  In the realm of societal, and some cultural thought in the 'main stream consciousness; or race consciousness we are taught that in the seeking it in the other that we begin to see it within ourselves. This, however can be quite illusive; as another can never fill us up or fulfills us.

We each are radars, sonar’s, reflectors and broadcasters for each other. Many of our Soul Mates we may only be aware of etherically, astrally or in passing. Some of our Soul Mates we come to do great work “in person” so to speak and others on other planes & dimensions of existence.

 It is possible to connect with these other dimensional aspects of ourselves via the astral or other planes of existence. Many people, including myself have recall and understanding of this. This is what many Déjà vu’s are, in fact.

The truth is we have many Soul Mates. We incarnate in groups of similar wavelength, vibration, tone, particle, energy pattern and form. This is why connecting with our Harmony Group or Soul Tribe is so important.    When you are talking about a life partner; or someone you want to share your life with here on this earth plane it is best to ask for, focus on and intend a life partner that is a soul mate.
A very big difference here…
 In asking for a Soul Mate you may get one that reflects the un-integrated aspects of yourself and what you need to work through and learn from emotionally.

In fact this is what many people draw in to their life experience. These are called “Learning Lesson Relationships”.
While one is working out the unexpressed, unacknowledged, unknown (shadow) aspects of oneself they will continue to draw in that which complements. Until the complements is integrated within it will manifest as the “opposite”.   The lover within is a balance and harmonization of our qualities- light/dark, intuitive/logic, feeling, thinking, masculine, feminine, ying-yang.... In our own Divine Marriage; or Conjunctio  we need to connect with and mate the lover within us. We need to be married to our Inner Mate, the SoulMate within  before we can truly mate with the external mate.  If we marry an outer mate before this happens we are forever trying to fill a void that is unfillable from someone or something outside us.
When we really know ourselves and live in integrity and harmony of our Soul we attract more of what is in resonance with our true nature and Soul’s path. There is a point on our path when we have recouped much of our projections and are living more by perception. In this state of awareness we enact “Spiritual Discernment”. We begin to see ourselves more clearly.

We see others not as we hope they are, want them to be or think they are; or, even more importantly we see others not as others hope to be, want to be, or say they are… We begin to really see. We see in a way that is not judgment, but in a way that we are able to judge what is life-enhancing for us and truly fits in to our path of unfoldment.

It is possible and definitely the next wave of experience to move from “learning lesson” relationships to relationships based on sharing, caring, as well as mutually creative expression with a Spiritual and Soul integrated based Love. This more easily happens when we open to a Soul Mate that is a Life Mate to experience and express with and not a Soul Mate that is to answer all our own unmet needs.

The life mate that is a Soul mate will reflect what is most in alignment on a Soul level for you. In fact if you are balanced in your life experience of projection and perception and living from resonance you will automatically attract a life mate that is a Soul mate. In fact you will be experiencing relationships that are the closet to your Signature Frequency and Love Expression.

In the coming years leading to the New Era you will find yourself around more like-minded individuals and those that are not as like-minded won’t bother you as much because you will see and feel the God Essence- Soul Essence that they are expressing as and will be able to appreciate this expression.  The New Era; or New Paradigm that we all are co-creating is based on resonance and coherence. 

Coherence and resonance are when there is a harmonization of body, mind, spirit, soul - head, heart and reason.   Coherence and resonance can be felt in the body.  
When you are living in resonance you will magnetically draw into your experience that which is most aligned to the truth of who and how you are and what is most life enhancing for you and your path.



Karen Jolly said...

Beautiful post on Soul Mate relationships Michele!

My husband and I have been married just over thirty years now and it was a vibrational draw from day one. But we both have grown and changed so much over the years that I would say we have been many soul mates to each other...and not always an easy reflection to look into. That interest in growth has been what has continued to draw us to each other - and I know it would be the same if we had rather chosen to be with several other people instead of stay together. Relationships are all so precious no matter if they are short-term or long term! There is so much to be learned from each one... and sometime just one that feels like many! :)

Thank you! xo

Soul Insights 4 Spirit Led Living said...

what a beautiful comment... :-)
i so agree with you that "relationships are so precious" no matter for how long.

what a gift you are for each other and all in your life.

just beautiful