Soul Growth

Your unique Soul Gifts many times are revealed after or during a challenge. The jewels and gems that are your gifts are revealed underneath the crust of what is being broken open within you.

The lustrous pearl of the ocean shines ever bright due to the geological pressure processes that take place deep within the seabed.  The pearl is formed in the shell of an oyster during the friction within the inner mass of the oyster or mollusk. 

Oysters and mussels create pearls as a form of
defense against the particles that have worked their way inside the mollusk's shell.This irritation creates the pearl and it's brilliance.     
This process also occurs with diamonds, rubies and other precious and semi-precious stones, as well.    What remains is the pearl, and not the defenses. The defenses are a dance with the friction.    This dance creates the brilliance.

This month you might be feeling the "rub" in your life right now, and even more so within you.  This "rub" will be rubbing you into the best version of you.  This process will actually continue into mid next year, but a noticeable focus will be felt this month.  This month will reveal the pattern of thoughts, beliefs and habits that are stopping your luster and that have to be rubbed out; or alchemically changed.  This change will come from challenge, testing and overcoming.  You will be guided to release once and for all the patterns that have held you back from your full authentic fulfillment.

This month kicks off a cycle that will be challenges and calls for clarity in relationships, dreams, wishes and visions. Just as much challenge or difficulty you experience and feel will be the level of your triumph. 

Know that you can overcome by using your spiritual tools, support and Inner Knowing.
This month will require more. You might feel more stretched in your energy resources and reserves. This stretch can be either; or a combination of mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, financial and material.
The over stretching is showing you where you need either more support, more time, more energy, more focus, or more play.   Yes , more play… 

If you find your world is shrinking; or you are isolating get out in nature; or walk through the city streets where you are on your own, but not alone.

The New Paradigm is about social connecting, social causes, communication and communal sharing and community betterment.  Many people have wounding in these areas, as these areas emphasize relationships of all types.
Relationships of all types will continue to be a major focus on an individual, as well as collective level.  

As relational social beings our interconnectedness is on of the cornerstones of the New Paradigm. It is requiring a fundamental shift in an over focusing on the “me” to the “we” view in life.
Tests and testing (Temperance card in the Tarot and the Justice card will shed some light) this month will show you where you are over-giving or under-giving to yourself and/or others.  

The Temperance card meaning in the tarot archetypically is about moderation and moderating. The passage of Temperance in your life is calling you to balance all aspects of your life.  What is the balancing force in your life?  What activities balance you?  For me a major balancing force is my spirituality and creativity.  Don't make the balancing force in your life another person; or relationship. It needs to be something from and for you.  All else will be in the right perspective and balance from this balancing force.


The Justice archetypal energy is about balancing the scales  Both of the meanings of these cards caution a person to restore a balance, or focus on how to keep balance in one’s life and circumstances.   The focus of both of these cards is also to check the facts in any given situation and to begin to see another persons, or other people; and even the outer circumstances of our life from the eyes of the “other”.  

This "other" is also within one’s own life expression and in one’s life circumstances.  This other can also be a part of us that we are not aware of, has not received enough attention; or hasn't been fully integrated into our life.
 Very often we look at life through the eyes of what we think we want, instead of taking a time out from our viewpoint to see what is being offered to us; or what keeps showing up for us.
It is a time to see the outer circumstances as a message and to also get clarity on other peoples thoughts, needs and feedback and then weigh them with our own. It is a time to not be overly judgmental, but to judge or discern what is truly right for us, appropriate, fulfilling and life enhancing for us. In taking the time to discern this we will see what Soul Gifts want to be expressed and utilized on this part of our path.

It is not a time to hide your light under a bushel or bucket. It is not a time to play small. It is also not a time to hog the spotlight. Get comfortable being in front of the crowd, but also be able to work in a “background position”, as the I Ching states.  

We are meant to sing in the chorus, sing a duet and also sing solo.  Your gifts will be your individual song.  Your deepest fulfillment will come in sharing this song with others.

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