Your Soul Voice

There is a part of the world that is quite beautiful even with it's discordant elements.  From discord comes concord and harmonization.  There is a delicate balance within our human nature and all of nature to rest in the center of what seems discordant.  This bring peace. In the I Ching it is hexagram 11, which is peace. 

There is however a mixture of sounds and expressions in the world that are of a "false nature".  These impressions and dictates only serve to mask truth and authentic expression.  Instead of a symphony of expression it is a cacophony of expression. 

You can't hear your Soul Voice if you are always listening to the cacophony of the outer world.  An over focus on outer worldly attachment dulls the inner voice and deafens the inner ear to hearing the inner guidance from this Soul Voice.

This Soul Voice is first heard and felt within; and then it extends out into our lives as a vision and mode of expression that is meaningful, fulfilling, life enhancing and in concert with the whole of humanity.  This Soul Voice has it's own distinct tone, sound, resonance and song.  This song blends with the whole of life; and yet is distinctly heard above the din of the group choir.

At some point on your path it you have to take the time to pull away and get distance from what is false and allow the space for what is real to be revealed.

What is real will be in alignment with your deepest desires.  These desires will be beyond what is fleeting in life and will focus on what is intrinsically you and within you.  It is not that outer desires or material possessions are "bad".  It is the over attachment of them and the belief that they determine our worth and value.  The outer world will ebb and flow; however what remains within is as constant as  the expression of life itself.

Ultimately your Inner Guidance will lead you toward genuine stability, security, self expression and peace.  However, for this Inner Guidance to be accurate, and for you to learn to trust this aspect of you there needs to be time spent together to gain trust.  Just like any friend it takes time to develop trust and a really good relationship.

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