Where Do You Belong?

You  belong everywhere.
However there are places and with certain people that you will feel more "belonging"...

There is a time on the Soul Path where people come to a juncture and ask:  "Where do I belong?" Or, some say:  "I don't feel like I belong here."

This state of longing and belonging happens to everyone on a Conscious Path.  You begin to see what no longer fits into the model of your life.  You realize you have different beliefs, ideas, ideals and values than those you find yourself with at this point in your life.

You look around and think; "What happened?" Change happened....Inner Change.

Many people I work with at this juncture are thrown into a depression and asking what happened to their relationships.  They ask what happened to me, was I wrong to hang out with these people?
I answer:  "Change" happened.... Inner Change

Many people also want to change those that are around them and/or tell them what they don't "get".  I constantly hear:  "What is wrong with these people?"

I usually say nothing is "wrong" with your friends or family and nothing is "wrong" with you. You are not the same person.  You are finding out more about the True You and this creates a lot of shifting, flux, transition and change.

It is important on this part of the path to not do anything rash, not to cut off; or overly merge in relationships out of fear.  Also, many times people will want to end the ambiguity of this part of their path.  They want answers and a full description of themselves. "Am I this, or am I that?"  The truth is you will be a little bit of this and that; and most importantly you are in a process.  You are being mixed, remixed, edited, harmonized, balanced, rebalanced and integrated. You are still cooking; or marinating so to speak and so it is not a time to make major either or decisions.

If you allow your process and let it take a full cycle you will be a bit of  the former version of you mixed with the new version of you that is unfolding.   The main difference will be how you express this version of  you.

Our Soul Expression is reflected by our  ideals, values, principles and beliefs.  These aspects of life expression represent our uniqueness and our individual qualities.  The how and where we express these reflect our Soul Design and the outpicturing of the blueprint of our Soul.

Your longing for where you belong gets answered by following your values, principles and beliefs.  This will lead you by resonance to those people and situations that you will feel at home and most feel that you belong.

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